Brock University Gets United Nations Flag – Eco-Friendly University

Today I witnessed a ground breaking phenomenon at Brock University. At 11am, at the Tower, students, faulty, guest speakers, media personnel, and the public community gathered for a short ceremonial procession to raise the U.N. flag. Raising this flag at Brock U. symbolizes “commitment to innovative and sustainable research, teaching and service”, according to the BrockNews. (Samantha, 2012, p.1).

The reason why I am so intrigued with this event is because it was coordinated by one of my current professors, Richard Mitchell. Mitchell and a few colleagues discussed some ideas of how to make Brock environmentally sustainable a few years ago. I mean, the reason why Brock is located where it is, is because of the natural beauty, especially on the Niagara Escarpment. Brock already has the title of being a biosphere reserve. Throughout my three years at Brock so far, I have seen and heard of eco-changes to the campus, such as adding recycling bins, turning off all computer monitors at closing time and constructing buildings to be green friendly. The new Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Complex (which is to be completed in the next year) has a light ecological footprint due to its method of construction. The Bioscience Complex is also promoting green technology research! With this initiative, Brock has no where to go but up!

The ceremony this morning allowed Mitchell, his colleagues, and the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre (ESRC) to celebrate their success to a new beginning. This afternoon, there is a seminar hosted by ESRC and an award (Niagara Migrant Children’s Educational Award) will be presented to the community based partnership between Niagara’s agricultural workers, Niagara Community Foundations, the City of St. Catharines, Niagara College and Brock University.

This just goes to show you how Brock’s faulty is involved in the community (locally and globally), and how a small group of individuals can make a difference – one step at a time.


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