We are so consumed in our lives with schedules, school work, getting to work on time, finding time to make dinner or to go shopping, and/or getting to the TV on time to watch your favourite T.V. Our lives are constructed around the essence of time; however had you ever stop to ponder about how the concept of time began or who invented the clock???

Human activity has organized around time because there are two parts to each day: day and night. The rising, peak, and setting of the sun from East to West predicts the arrival of night. Because the amount of activities for humans to participate in are limited in the dark – humans sleep (thank goodness- it is my favourite hobby).

Clock originates from the French word, ‘cloche’, meaning clock and the Celtic origin of ‘clocca’. Hour-glasses, sundials and water clocks are the ancient forms of telling time. Ancient China used a form of clocks – towers, hands, and bells – as a signal to start prayer or a ceremony.  In the 1300s Europe Richard of Wallingford and Giovanni de Dondi mechanizalized the clock in its basic concept. Their version of the clock included some fun designs of the moon and stars due to its symbolic meaning at that time. During the 1500s and 1600s, clocks continued to be designed and upgraded to improve its mechanics and function.

Sir Standford Flemming played a significant role in developing standard time (time zones) in Washington, D.C. in 1884 (which was not too long ago!). Before this sun dials or sun clocks on churches were used to record time. This famous Canadian also contributed to society by surveying the route for the CPR railway and designed the first stamp for Canadians to use.

And now you know 🙂


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