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I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your final term in high school and/or working (if this applies to you)!

On my tours in the past, I have been asked how to make friends at Brock. This is a legitimate question because for most incoming students, it is a fresh start in their life. I knew only one person who went to Brock, as an incoming student. So my first-year experience is similar to many first year incoming students.

I recommend to put yourself out there in residence and in class. Speak up and say “Hi, my name is ___________.” Participate in on-campus activities and/or join a club! Finding study buddies in your labs, tutorials and/or seminars kills two birds with one stone: a friend and a study partner. In residence, I recommend to keep your door open while you study. People on your floor will drop in to chat, play games or watch TV. The lounges and study rooms are also popular hang out spots.

I was a shy person when I first arrived at Brock. I joined a club immediately – Brock Dance – but I did not make the effort to be social with other peers in residence or in seminar. After my ‘university life shock’ in September and October, I finally realized that I needed to put some effort into making new friends. I started attending on campus activities, joining my residence’s floor dinners, and doing my homework (or attempting to) in the study room. I met some AMAZING people! My closest friends from first year in residence are my best friends today. I feel so fortunate to have met some amazing individuals. My friends from first year are the reason  why I succeed in my first year at Brock. We became a support system and we continue to support each other to this day. We try to hang out and do homework in Brock’s study rooms at least once a week. This weekend we are going out to dinner at Stella’s then watching a movie!

When I came to Brock, some adults told me that the friends that I make at university, are the friends I will keep for life. At first I did not believe it. Today, I do believe this. I do not know if it is true because I have not graduated from Brock yet – I have high hopes.

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About Krissa

Hello! My name is Krissa. I am a fourth year Concurrent Education (Primary/Junior) student at Brock. I am also a member/instructor of the Brock Dance club. I am also the organizer/dance instructor for a local elementary school dance club. In my bit of spare time, I like to hang with friends, venture in the local Niagara area, sleep and watch movies! If you have any questions about Brock, its programs, clubs, residence or student life, please leave a comment on my blog!

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