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I’m not sure if it’s a recent trend or just something that I’ve become more aware of, but lately I’ve been faced with a number of questions about exchange programs and studying abroad.  While representing Brock at OUF I had three students in a row ask if Brock allowed students to go on exchanges (the answer is yes!).  And as recently as Friday, during a campus tour, I had an incoming student ask about studying abroad.  Considering the number of questions I been asked, I’ve decided to do some research to be more well-versed on the topic and am sharing it with you here.

The student exchange program at Brock is run through the Office of International Services.  Students can study abroad for a semester or entire school year, either in third year of study or first semester of fourth year.  In addition to the amazing experience of studying abroad, the opportunities to travel are great incentive to take advantage of the exchange program; students can study at schools in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Continental Europe, Latin America, United Kingdom, and the United States.  If a school offers your program of study, you can go on an exchange there.  It’s that simple!

Requirements for students looking to study abroad include an application, two academic references (Brock professors who have taught you), minimum of 70% average, and $15 application fee.  Applications are due in early January for the following year, due to the selection and planning process required to give you the best possible exchange experience.  Surprisingly (to some), fluency in the country’s native language is not a requirement.  Obviously comprehension is important for travelling within the country, but many exchange school affiliated with Brock offer programs in English.

Upon successful application and selection, students work with a Brock academic advisor to find equivalent courses to satisfy their program requirements.  Now, you may be thinking that a student exchange is not feasible for you because of the cost.  Luckily for you, student exchanges are very affordable, actually costing approximately the same as a study period at Brock.  You see, students pay Brock tuition to study abroad.  So the only additional costs are for travel, applying for study permits, etc.  And the great thing about participating in a student exchange through Brock is that every student accepted into the program is automatically awarded $500/semester of study abroad with the Student International Mobility Award.  Other scholarships are also available through the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office.

As a fourth year student, I really wish I had taken advantage of the amazing exchange program at Brock.  I know people who have studied abroad and say the experience is second to none.  While I have loved the time here at Brock, I would have loved to travel while studying.  My suggestion to you, if you’re interested, is to take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad.  After all, once you graduate it’s unlikely your employer will let you leave for months at a time to travel.

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