What started off as a regular morning with a dreaded 8am class turned into a spectacular surprise thanks to an unsung hero… the mailman.

I know what you’re thinking… with all the technology at our fingertips (e-mailing, texting, Tweeting, Skyping, etc.), why on earth would I be so excited about “snail mail”?  Well, when I moved away to university it was a tough transition, to say the least.  I was (and still am, to some extent) very much a home-body.  I struggled to leave my family to live two hours away, all on my own.  I did it obviously… I’m now in fourth year.  But to help with the transition my family went above and beyond regular phone calls and sent me letters, cards, and packages… all the time!  While living in residence I made regular trips to the mailboxes in DeCew, just hoping for something from my family.  My favourite packagearrived at the beginning of December… Wrapped in a Christmas giftbox were five “wish lists” (one for each member of my family), two pairs of fuzzy Christmas socks, a Christmas scratch ticket pack, and candy canes (of course).

Now, back to my original story… after an hour-and-a-half long law lecture at 8am my roommate and I returned home to find a surprise at our doorstep: two packages!  We both screamed (not even exaggerating) in excitement… not only did we both get packages, we got them on the same day.  What started out as a “blah” day suddenly got so much better.  We each grabbed our package, ran inside, and started ripping at paper like it was Christmas morning.  In my package… shoes and pants (needed for a new job I was starting), Halloween-sized OhHenry! candy bars, and a package of caramels.  Part of the reason I love getting packages so much is that they always have a little something in them that I mentioned in passing to my Dad… in this case, it was the caramels (I had mentioned wanting to make caramel apples when we picked up farm fresh apples in Collingwood over Thanksgiving and my Dad remembered).

The other reason I love getting packages is obvious, really… BUBBLE WRAP!  So many reasons to love good-old-fashioned snail mail.  Now, back to my bubble-popping…


About Courtney

Hi everyone! My name is Courtney and this is my third year as a Campus Experience Coordinator (CEC) at Brock. As a CEC, I get to meet new and prospective Brock students, while talking about the school that I have grown so fond of over the past five years. I am a Brock alumni with a Bachelor of Sport Management, Honours degree and am now completing my Master of Arts in Sport Management. This is my sixth year at Brock and I could not be more excited! I look forward to meeting many of you on campus tours and hope that, through my blog posts, you will learn a little about Brock student life in preparation for your own future endeavours. Cheers!

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