Need Some Help? Brock U Offers Mentors!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Thursday (one day before Friday, which is the best day of the week!). This blog was inspired by one of my housemates, Katherine. She became a Mentor this year (she is also in her third year of university).

Mentorship Plus is a unique program that runs on a mentor – mentee relationship. The Alumni Relations and Career Services partnered to offer this program, in hopes to ease the transition from high school to university. The program kicked off in 2008 and its goal is to reach out to over 4,000 students by 2014. Click here for the website and contact information!

Any first year student can sign up (for FREE) to have an upper year student, usually of the same program (or close to) and same gender, as a mentor for the year. After the mentor goes through a day of training, he/she can meet up with his/her mentee to commence the program. It is mandatory to meet for 2 – 4 hours a month. In many situations, mentors and mentees will meet up at least once a week to grab coffee, go to McDonalds, go for a hike etc. You can chill out, talk about school, life, friends etc. Event dates such as group lunches and games night are hosted by the program directors. I never had an older sibling or older friends to show me the ropes of going to university – this mentorship program is worth while (and as proof, Katherine loves it already)!

Mentorship Plus is extending to soon-to-be-graduate students. Students who are in their last year of their program can get a mentor in their future career.

It’s just another way, Brock is a community and supports its students … 😀


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Hello! My name is Krissa. I am a fourth year Concurrent Education (Primary/Junior) student at Brock. I am also a member/instructor of the Brock Dance club. I am also the organizer/dance instructor for a local elementary school dance club. In my bit of spare time, I like to hang with friends, venture in the local Niagara area, sleep and watch movies! If you have any questions about Brock, its programs, clubs, residence or student life, please leave a comment on my blog!

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