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It’s been another great week to be a Brock student.  This past Friday my friends and I took part in the annual Grape Stomp.  While this event happens every year, my friends and I have missed out until now.  In fact, we were so determined to take part this year that we added it to our “Fourth Year Bucket List”.  Perhaps I should explain.  You see, while we have enjoyed many good times at Brock, there are a number of things we have not done yet that we insist on doing before we graduate.  Therefore, we’ve created a list of all the things we have to do in our fourth and final year at Brock – Grape Stomp was one of them.

Now, when you hear “grape stomp”, there’s a pretty good chance that you think of that oh-so-famous video.  But I assure you, no one was injured!

Grape Stomp is one of the most entertaining events to see (whether you’re participating or just watching from a safe, mess-free distance) because dozens of teams dressed in home-made t-shirts and creative outfits take over Jubilee Court on campus.  Our team was called “Fruit by the Foot” (Get it?  Fruit by the Foot. Grape Stomp.  Clever, right?) and wore personally designed t-shits.

The combination of rain and grape juice made for some slippery stomping.  And before we knew it, a full-on food fight had erupted; grabbing grapes by the handful and smashing them on each other.  Needless to say, our white t-shirts did not stay white for long.  Then, the best thing ever happened!  Can you say Slip-and-Slide!?  That’s right… plastic sheets and smashed grapes created the childhood favourite and meant even more fun on this already memorable day.

The Grape Stomp fun lasted about an hour… the clean-up took much longer.  It was messy, but totally worth it.  Last Friday we managed to cross the first item off our Fourth Year Bucket List, participate in a beloved Niagara Region event, and have another amazing experience as Brock students.


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Hi everyone! My name is Courtney and this is my third year as a Campus Experience Coordinator (CEC) at Brock. As a CEC, I get to meet new and prospective Brock students, while talking about the school that I have grown so fond of over the past five years. I am a Brock alumni with a Bachelor of Sport Management, Honours degree and am now completing my Master of Arts in Sport Management. This is my sixth year at Brock and I could not be more excited! I look forward to meeting many of you on campus tours and hope that, through my blog posts, you will learn a little about Brock student life in preparation for your own future endeavours. Cheers!

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