Niagara Grape Stomp Festival at Brock U!

Hey Everyone!

I hope all is well and somewhat dry…because earlier today I was anything but dry and clean. Today is the annual Grape Stomp! It is an annual tradition for the area of Niagara, as per it is famously known for its wineries and vine yards.

The Grape Stomp is organized into small teams consisting of 4 or 5 students, who dress up to any particular theme. The teams sign up before the event day. This year teams were dressed up in hats, purple paint, grape-teamed clothes, bugs, tye-dye, Brock colours etc. My four-person team used our old Shinerama shirts (very orange) to become the Juicy Bunch (I thought it was clever!). Before the stomp, carnival games, a live band, and free BBQ food (FREEEEEEEE!) entertain the large crowd of students, staff/faculty and the public community.

Once the stomp began, grapes were thrown over the teams, people were stomping the grapes and sliding everywhere!!! The wet rain and mushed grapes was a nice combination to get wet. It was so much fun…until I had to have a shower at home to rinse all of the grapes out of my hair, off my skin, and out of my clothes!

See some pictures below of the Grape Stomp!


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