Getting Involved at Brock – Shinerama Day!

Olla Friends!

On Saturday September 10th my housemates (as apart of a club, Brock Leaders BLCS) and I participated in SHINERAMA! What in the world is Shinerama??! Besides it being the best day of O-Week, Shinerama is a charity fundraising event that takes place across Canada on the same day! All the money raised goes towards research for cystic fibrosis (CF). CF is a terminal illness due to mucus build up in the lungs.

After a free breakfast and pep-up at Isaacs, our group drove to Cat’s Caboose parking lot, off of Glenridge Street. Everyone wore bright orange shirts with Shinerama’s logo and volunteered 8am-4pm. Some of us went to the roads to ask for spare change from the public in their cars, while the rest of our group washed the cars in the parking lot as they danced to music! Even our mascot, Boomer the Badger visited us to raise money.

By the end of a beautiful and hard-working day, our group raised the 2nd largest amount of money and washed 83 cars! We are also VERY sunburnt! Overall, volunteers from Brock raised $18,000!!! At Brock, you are not just a student…you become an active member of the community to make a difference 🙂


About Krissa

Hello! My name is Krissa. I am a fourth year Concurrent Education (Primary/Junior) student at Brock. I am also a member/instructor of the Brock Dance club. I am also the organizer/dance instructor for a local elementary school dance club. In my bit of spare time, I like to hang with friends, venture in the local Niagara area, sleep and watch movies! If you have any questions about Brock, its programs, clubs, residence or student life, please leave a comment on my blog!

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    By the way – these lovely ladies are my housemates!

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