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From September 5-11, students at Brock U celebrated a new academic year with Orientation Week on campus and it was AWESOME! There were a variety of events and activities throughout the week for all students!

In the beginning of the week, students living in residence went to residence meetings/meet and greets, while students living off campus had the option of attending a BBQ and bonfire event. To get the new students quickly adjusted on campus, there were daily tours of the campus, orientations by program and workshops for academic advice.

The Vendor Fair is an opportunity for signing up for your favourite clubs/teams; in addition to participating in wacky activities and exploring the booths for FREE stuff! This is an event I attend every year…because of the freebies. You can get coupons, Brock water bottles, Brock bags, magnets, bus maps, flyers, food and SO MUCH MORE! Once you are a student living independently, you will quickly learn that free stuff is a great thing!

I also attended a hike on the trails – the wilderness part of Brock – because it is conveniently located on the Niagara Escarpment/Green Belt.  We hiked on the trail behind the residences, taking us on the Escarpment, then by the sport fields in behind the university. The wilderness does not stop there at Brock – there is a waterfall ( Decew Falls) and a part of the Bruce Trail (a trail that travels across southern Ontario)!!!

Code Red continued through the week with a pep rally, residence Summer Olympic games, a trip to Wonderland in Toronto, an Amazing Race (like the TV show) across St. Catharines, an outdoor movie night, a beach party/games day and concerts by The Trews, Classified and DJ Avicii! It is a serious jam-packed week.

For full details about this year’s Orientation Week, please click here.


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Hello! My name is Krissa. I am a fourth year Concurrent Education (Primary/Junior) student at Brock. I am also a member/instructor of the Brock Dance club. I am also the organizer/dance instructor for a local elementary school dance club. In my bit of spare time, I like to hang with friends, venture in the local Niagara area, sleep and watch movies! If you have any questions about Brock, its programs, clubs, residence or student life, please leave a comment on my blog!

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