Sean O’Sullivan Theatre

Located in Thistle Complex, the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre is where various music, drama and dance performances are held, both student and professional. The theatre lobby, located next to the Centre for the Arts box office, doubles as an art gallery. Patrons of the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre are encouraged to park at University Road West near the Walker Complex or in E lot near Robert S.K. Welch Hall.

Fast fact: Originally operating as Thistle Theatre, the theatre was an extension of the Drama/Film Studies Department. Later, Thistle Theatre was placed under the umbrella title of Brock Centre for the Arts. Thistle Theatre became the Theatre. In 1992, the Theatre was renamed the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre in honour of the late Father Sean O’Sullivan. Sean O’Sullivan, the first Brock graduate to receive an honourary degree, became Canada’s youngest Member of Parliament in 1972. In 1977, he left politics to join the priesthood and dedicated the rest of his life to others.


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