In recent years, computing has become a significant aspect of research, to the extent where it is now widely recognized as a third pillar of science, along with theory and experimentation.  Along with the growth in computing technology is a rapid increase in the complexity of maintaining cutting edge equipment and developing research applications that work well and correctly.

BISC works to promote multi-disciplinary and collaborative research that uses high-performance computers to generate and/or analyse scientific and research data. At present its members are drawn from a wide range of disciplines within the faculties of Mathematics and Science, Social Science, and Applied Health Sciences. There are currently 18 Brock faculty with active Compute Canada accounts used to access SHARCNet HPC resources in Ontario. (13 in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, 3 in the Faculty of Social Sciences, and 2 in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.)

The principal executive of BISC, past and present, include researchers actively engaged in HPC as a necessary tool of their research. Brock HPC users are also at the cutting-edge of computational-based research in their fields. BISC is proud to note that Brock students have won several recent poster awards at the Compute Ontario Research Day conferences (in 2013 and 2015).