Youth Entrepreneur Spotlight

Jomar Gacoscos

BioLinc member and Brock Kinesiology student Jomar Gacoscos recently placed 3rd in the Holohack Hack-A-Thon competition December 3rd and 4th hosted in Atlanta, Georgia.

Over the weekend augmented reality developers from all over gathered to participate in a hack-a-thon hosted by ThyssenKrupp and Microsoft. Participants were given prototypes of the new Microsoft HoloLens and were told to come up with innovative applications to be used with the headset. This 24-hour event included HoloLens prototypes to try out, free food, and prize bundles.

The judges were looking for applications that no one thought was possible, and were hoping participants used techniques that were abnormal and weirdly elegant. The criteria were based upon the design, the functionality, and the “awesomeness” of the application, hoping to bring the best creativity out if their participants.

The only participant from Canada was Brock University’s very own Jomar Gacoscos (Above). Jomar and his team worked almost non-stop during the event, and ran in to several problems along the way. “What was difficult about this hack-a-thon was that we were working on hardware (the Microsoft Hololens) that was only recently released earlier this year, therefore it was hard to find the answers to our questions on the online forums which forced us to do a lot of trial and error.” Jomar said.

These setbacks did not discourage them however, as Jomar and his team managed to take home 3rd place! Although the prize package was interesting and well deserved, Jomar took more than just prizes away from this event. When asked about the event Jomar was more than optimistic. “What made this hack-a-thon special and brought me all the way out to Atlanta, Georgia was the fact that they were giving the opportunity for people to work on creating apps for the Microsoft Hololens, and to be judged by some members of the Hololen’s own engineering team. Furthermore, in my opinion, the Hololens itself is a game changer and has the potential to overtake the phone industry.”

Jomar is a current member of BioLinc’s Kick-starting Entrepreneurship Program and used his experience from it to help succeed in this competition. “The skills that an entrepreneur have are quite similar to what a developer needs as well. Being able to think quickly on your feet, and being a good team player. Biolinc’s program was extremely helpful for me, particularly from a networking perspective. While it’s easy to get caught up on the programming/developing aspects of the hack-a-thon, I wanted to get the most out of the event by meeting the people were running it and the people who were competing.” Jomar said.

Jomar is hopeful this won’t be the last time he gets a chance to work with this technology. “Overall, not only am I happy about the results (we won third place), I also met some amazing people and hope to see them again soon, whether it would be at next year’s Holohack or at a VR/AR event.”

To read the full story on the Hololens Hack-A-Thon visit here.

Past Featured Student Entrepreneurs

Danny Khanna
Founder and CEO of Creations Custom 3DP Inc.

Congratulations to this month’s student entrepreneur, Danny Khanna. Danny (right) is the founder and CEO of Creations Custom 3DP Inc., which specializes in advanced 3D printing and prototyping applications for manufacturers, start-up companies, and medical professionals in the Niagara Region. Danny is a 4th year Business Administration student with a focus in accounting, attending the Goodman School of Business at Brock University.

Founded in June of 2016, Danny started Creations Custom 3DP Inc. while working on a separate project developing sustainable automotive components. Fed up with faulty and expensive parts, he discovered the need for 3D printing in such an industry, which in turn lead him to the start of Creations Custom 3DP Inc.

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process in which material is laid down, layer by layer, to form a three-dimensional object. Although 3D printing is a new highly innovative service, Creations Custom 3DP Inc. has identified some key problems that need to be addressed.

“The problems we have seen are that 3D printing is not easily available to the community. It will require a heavy start-up investment to own a printer. The cost of the material needed and the cost of ventilation is a major factor on safety and quality that would need dedication. Plus, the miscellaneous costs such as the required maintenance are a build-up that burdens the consumer heavily. Another problem that always comes in to 3D printing is the steep learning curve to understand the program interface of any printing system currently available.” Danny says.

Danny and his company plan to tackle these issues in the near future, as he knows his company will strive due to their “ability to provide high volumes and flexibility in style, while maintaining a quality product backed by excellent service.”

Danny is part of our 2016 Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship program cohort and has spent many hours at BioLinc developing his business. When asked about his time spent at BioLinc, Danny had this to say “BioLinc has helped me by granting me the space I needed to test the quality and flaws of 3D printing so my company can improve the current systems that are available in the industry. They also helped me network with manufacturers in the Niagara region, through collaboration we have helped innovate businesses as being a catalyst to expanding their firm’s potential.”

Creations Custom 3DP Inc. is making their presence known in the industry very quickly. If you would like to work with Danny, or have questions about 3D printing please contact him at or visit his page here.

Saddman Zaman
Founder and CEO of LuxEco

Congratulations to this month’s student entrepreneur Saddman Zaman. Saddman (right) is the founder and CEO of LuxEco. LuxEco is a bidet manufacturing company that focuses on simple and affordable bidets that can be installed right onto your existing toilet. He is looking to bring his bidets to the Canadian travel, tourism and healthcare markets. Saddman is currently a Business Administration student at the Goodman School of Business located at Brock University.
Bidets are commonly used for hygiene purposes and are installed in many bathrooms across the world. They help protect against diseases and health risks that can occur from the use of toilet paper.  There is also the “green” aspect of bidets as they reduce toilet paper consumption, which in turn will reduce toilet paper production. This is a wasteful procedure that consumes large amounts of water, paper, electricity and bleach.
LuxEco is working with several manufacturers across different countries to help develop their bidets the best quality possible at an affordable price.
Although Saddman has experienced some minor setbacks he is very enthusiastic about the launch of his product, which he is planning to do so in early 2017.
Saddman is one of our newer members to BioLinc and will be part of our 2016 cohort for young entrepreneurs starting this October, although he has been receiving help from BioLinc since January.
“BioLinc has helped me by providing training sessions, seminars and networking events for me to learn more about entrepreneurship. They have also helped me prepare for several pitch competitions to secure funds. I also received guidance establishing the proper target market, and expertise on how to properly implement the marketing strategy for my bidets.” Saddman said.
Saddman plans to implement these bidets in local hotels and hospitals around the Niagara region, with long-term goals of the bidet to be standard in these locations along with local community centers, malls, and old age homes.
For more information on Saddman Zaman and LuxEco, please visit his website at:

Robert Babiak
BioLinc Student Entrepreneur named Vice-President of Operations, Lincoln Mavericks Hockey Club

Niagara based BioLinc student entrepreneur and participant in BioLinc’s 2015/2016 cohort of the Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship program, Robert Babiak, was recently named Vice-President of Operations of the Lincoln Mavericks Hockey Club. The Mavericks, owned by Jeff and Therese Tallman, are a Junior “A” hockey team, which will be playing out of the Greater Metro Junior “A” Hockey League (GMHL).

“I am very excited to be part of the Lincoln Mavericks and the GMHL. Together, we will do great things. Our owners and coaching staff are all great people with strong hockey backgrounds. Together, we will make the Lincoln Mavericks one of the premier Jr. “A” hockey franchises in Ontario.” Babiak said.

He continued, “Our coaching staff is very experienced. Head Coach, Mark Barrick, has a long history of coaching Jr. hockey. The Mavericks will be operating a development focused program that will provide our athletes everything they need to succeed.”

Robert, who recently completed his third year of Brock University’s Sport Management program, has been pursuing a business venture of his own. He has been running his sport agency, Silverhawks Sport Management, out of BioLinc, Brock University’s business incubator, over the last eight months. His agency currently represents the baseball interests of twelve professional baseball players. Prior to launching Silverhawks Sport Management, Robert was the General Manager of the Road City Explorers of the North Country Professional Baseball League, where he made history by becoming the youngest General Manager in professional baseball at age 20.

Our team at BioLinc is excited to see where Robert’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for sports will take him next, and we’re proud to announce his most recent accomplishment. We wish him luck on his new journey as Vice-President of Operations!

The Mavericks will drop their first puck this September at the Fleming Centre in Beamsville, ON.

Michael Jakuszewski & Matt Clarke
Co-founders of Express Deliveries

BioLinc student entrepreneurs attended Startup Grind Conference in Silicon Valley

Recently, two student entrepreneurs from Brock University went to the Startup Grind Conference hosted in Silicon Valley. Michael Jakuszewski and Matt Clarke are the cofounders of Express Deliveries, an influential O2O (Online to Offline) food/groceries delivery business based in Niagara Region, Canada. “There were keynote speakers such as Guy Kawasaki – one of apples original employees, Dustin Moskovitz – cofounder of Facebook, and, Clay Christensens – Harvard business professor. It was a great learning event”, says Michael.

Express Deliveries is a startup venture that is part of the Goodman School of Business BioLinc’s second cohort of Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship Program. BioLinc is an on-campus business incubator that offers a startup incubation program and mentoring services, with a specialization in the bioscience and applied health science sector. Since starting BioLinc’s Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship program, the team behind Express Deliveries has been working tirelessly to build their website and brand by growing their customer base and continuing to focus on improving their customer’s experience. They have pinpointed the problem university/college students in the Niagara region face, the lack of transportation and they’ve met this need by coming up with a more efficient way to facilitate the purchasing process. From an end user’s perspective, they’re doing a good job as it really helps make our lives easier by saving us a lot of time and hassle when it comes to food and grocery purchases.

At BioLinc, we understand that being an entrepreneur is never easy. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to structuring programs and providing guidance to the entrepreneurs we work with. We are really excited that Express Deliveries had the chance to travel to Silicon Valley to attend the Startup Grind conference and learn state-of-the-art concepts, gain new experiences and accept more challenges. “We went to this event to learn from the best and specifically, to see the CEO’s of Doordash, Instacart and Postmates to bring new found knowledge back to the St. Catharines area to implement it into our company”, says Michael.

Just as the saying goes, “The sky’s the limit”. We wish Express Deliveries all the best with their future endeavors!

Sultana Naimi
Co-Founder and CMO, Incounter

Some students attend University to receive a degree. They go to class, they do their work, and they pass their courses. These students leave University with a degree – but not much more. That’s not the route Sultana Naimi is taking. To her, school is all about the experience, and she’s taking full advantage of that while she’s here.

Sultana is a fourth year Business Administration student enrolled in the Goodman School of Business here at Brock University. She has not declared a concentration, but it’s clear she has an affinity for marketing. It’s this passion that has led her to become the President of the Brock University Marketing Association, one of Brock’s most established clubs. As the president, she is constantly holding meetings, giving presentations, attending events, and helping out other students.

With all of this going on, it’s a surprise she has time to pursue entrepreneurship. Along with her presidency, Sultana is a co-founder and the Chief Marketing Officer of Incounter. Incounter is a mobile app that is designed to help professionals make new networks in a live setting. 

Currently, her business is in the startup stage. Sultana can usually be found in BioLinc spending the majority of the free time she has drafting her company’s first business plan and completing the strategic planning involved in the marketing of the application. Sultana and her team hope to be testing and gathering feedback on their application and its features in the near future.

Recently, Sultana and her team-mate took first place in BioLinc’s “Improve Your Pitch Weekend.” The event was part of the Kickstarting Entrepreneurship program, of which she is a member. The Kickstarting Entrepreneurship program is provided through BioLinc. 

Independently of Incounter’s success, it’s clear that Sultana is headed in a great direction. She is set to graduate this year and has already been offered a position with a local marketing firm. Sultana is yet another example of the great talent that can be found in the hub that is the Goodman School of Business BioLinc. 

Matthew Paladino
Founder, Canadian Sport Business Network

Alex Mohr

Alex Mohr is an undergraduate student here at Brock university studying history and political science. Along with his studies, Alex is a founder and co-owner of Cross Border Housing, which aims to help international students secure a place to live before they come to Canada to go to school.

A personal interest in travel and culture has brought Alex to many different countries, including England where he took part in an exchange for a semester. It was on this trip that he came up with the idea for Cross Border Housing. While planning his exchange, Alex found that there was no convenient way for him to find and secure a place to live in England from his home in Canada. Through his work with the international office here at Brock, Alex realized he wasn’t the only one to have this issue.

Alex attended BioLinc’s first Kick-Start Weekend event in November where he formed a team with some of Brock’s most promising entrepreneurs. He noticed the group had complimentary skills which would be perfect for his international housing idea so he decided to pitch it to them. The group loved the idea and went on to win the competition. Since that weekend, the group hasn’t looked back and they hope to launch Cross Border Housing as early as May 2015.

As if all this wasn’t impressive enough, Alex is part of the Model United Nations Team. In March he will be heading to New York City to debate issues such as human rights, peacekeeping, economic and social development and the environment. 

Alex Mohr is another blatant example of the great entrepreneurial talent being fostered in Biolinc. It will be interesting to watch and Alex and the rest of the Cross Border Housing team to see where they can take the idea. At this point, the future is looking promising!  

Bawe Nsame
Founder, JNF

Bawe Nsame is a sports management undergraduate student here at Brock University, and the founder of JNF, a not-for-profit organization created to instil leadership and educational values in the youth of Cameroon Africa. Bawe is currently a student entrepreneur working with BioLinc and accessing the support services that BioLinc provides to help move his not-for-profit business to the next level. Bawe is often found working early mornings and late evenings in the collaborative space at BioLinc. He was born in the Republic of Cameroon and moved to Montreal Canada at the age of 4. When he was 17, Bawe visited his home country for the first time in 13 years, and was shocked by the poverty he witnessed. Upon his return to Canada, Bawe was inspired to make a difference.

Through his experiences as an athlete, Bawe learned valuable lessons in leadership, education, and accountability; attributes which he noticed were lacking in the youth of Cameroon. JNF was created as a platform to instil such skills and values in these students in order to prepare them for a prosperous future. By combining sport, education, and community involvement, Bawe hopes to teach valuable life lessons in a manner that is appealing to young people in Cameroon.

JNF is creating a soccer league for students belonging to schools in and around the village of Ndu, where Bawe himself was born. The league will allow for kids to take part in an organized sport, where schools in the area will form teams to compete against one-another. This is something that is currently non-existent in the area.

Through sport, the students involved will learn valuable skills such as teamwork, responsibility, accountability, and what it means to be involved in a community. Teams will compete against each other for points which can be acquired by winning games on the pitch or by performing good deeds off of it. For instance, if a team spends time cleaning an area of their community, they will be awarded points which then go toward their standings in the league.

The foundation is named for Bawe’s grandfather John Nsame, whom Bawe recognizes as his greatest mentor, and the reason that he is in school pursuing an education today. The passing of John Nsame in 2008 was the catalyst that truly kickstarted JNF and Bawe’s dream to make a difference. Throughout his childhood, Bawe had what most kids in Cameroon did not; a true role model to shine a light on the possibilities of life, and push him to the best of his abilities in both education and humanity. As a teacher, school headmaster, politician, humanitarian, and recipient of the Federal Republic of Cameroon Medal of Honour, John Nsame inspires Bawe to do all that he can with the life he is given, and most importantly to never forget his roots. Bawe recognizes that he was lucky to have such a role model in his life, and with JNF he hopes to carry on the legacy of his grandfather and to give the youth of his village the same mentorship and opportunities that he was so lucky to have received.  

Things are moving quickly for Bawe and JNF. Currently, the coaches of the league are being trained to take on their roles. The organization is seeking funding in order to start the soccer league’s first season as early as January, 2015. In order to attain the necessary funding for the league, Bawe is holding events including a pep rally taking place on Brock’s campus in the Bob Davis Gymnasium on October 22nd at 5pm. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend the event in support of the John Nsame Foundation; all funds will be used to develop and begin the league in Cameroon. To find out more about the organization and where to purchase your ticket to the pep rally, check out the JNF page at

Johnathan Holland
Founder, The $tudent Currency Exchange

“I have full confidence that I can make this business work.”

It seems clear that there is no shortage of confidence in the mind of Brock University undergraduate, Johnathan Holland; and for good reason. He has won two prestigious entrepreneurship competitions this year, both Monster Pitch and the new Deborah Rosati Entrepreneurship Co-op Award. The latter has provided Holland with the unique opportunity to spend his four-month co-op work term building his winning business idea, “The $tudent Currency Exchange”, into a successful start-up. His business will strive to negotiate better exchange rates for international students studying here in Canada.

Since Holland conceived the idea in January of this year he has come a long way and surpassed many hurdles, which is not surprising to anyone who’s had the chance to talk with him. The levels of charisma, determination and confidence within this man make it clear that the only thing he has in his crosshairs is a successful future as an entrepreneur. “I’m a ‘yes-man’ if someone tells me you can’t do it I’ll say no there is a way you can do it and we’re going to figure it out.”

Holland believes that Brock’s Goodman School of Business is definitely on its rise to the top. When asked to describe his feelings towards Brock and the Goodman School of Business he had no hesitation in dropping the ‘L-Bomb’. “I love it, I’m very passionate about the Goodman School of Business. I love the whole environment. I love being the whole underdog coming up.”

He shared the same gratefulness when asked how he found working with BioLinc. “BioLinc is amazing, they literally have so many services. I actually just got sent about $3500 dollars worth of market research that was absolutely free because I’m a client at Innovate Niagara”. He carried on to admit that he wouldn’t be where he is today without the help of BioLinc and their services.

As a final note, Holland had some points of advice for young entrepreneurs: “Wait for your idea to make sense. Make sure it’s scalable. Make sure the idea clicks, you should be able to pitch your idea in 30 seconds and their jaw should drop; that’s how exciting it is.”

As far as Johnathan Holland has come in his short time here at BioLinc it seems as though his success is inevitable, whether it be with this current business or not, it is clear that the traits he holds have the ability to bring him to the top in what ever future endeavors he may choose to pursue.

Mohamad Hamade
Founder & CEO, uBooks

Mohamad is a second year Brock Business Administration student majoring in International Business. His passion for business and entrepreneurship drove him to get deeply involved with Brock U Entrepreneurship Club (B.U.E.C.) and BioLinc. Mohamad is the VP of external relations of B.U.E.C. and will be work with BioLinc to set up Student Advisory Boards for different entrepreneurial projects starting at BioLinc. “It will ensure Brock entrepreneurs have access to an advisory board without having to risk the confidentiality of their idea or project,” said Mohamad.

Mohamad has great interest in software design. “I plan to own my own business in the future,” he says, “It will definitely have to do something with software design and the technology industry.” Actually, Mohamad has already started working on an innovative idea called uBooks and successfully reached the finals of Monster Pitch with it this year.

uBooks is an innovative platform of a centralized e-book system for university students. “uBooks will bring the student to a new level of convenience that has never been possible before,” Mohamad says. The system also comes with the finestanti-sharing measures to cater to the publishers’ right to sales. Foraffordability and environmental reasons, e-book sales are on the rise. However, there is a lot that could be done to increase the appeal of e-books to the student population; and uBooks presents it all.

Although Mahamad and his team are at early stage with uBooks concept, they have already developed a business plan that identifies the potential customers and will direct them to avoiding the fierce competition when entering the market. “Brock University will be our first client by the end of summer of 2014,” said Mahamad.

In Mahamad’s view, confidentiality of the innovative ideas is the top concern for all entrepreneurs. Fortunately, BioLinc provides a variety of services, which also ensures the ideas could be well-protected for student entrepreneurs. “At BioLinc you can safely get advice regarding your opinion, while establishing networks with other inspiring entrepreneurs who are undertaking a similar journey as yours,” Mahamad says, ” as we all start from the same point: BioLinc.”

Kyle Rose
Founder & CEO, Golden Rose Enterprises

You’re a real businessman. That’s what one judge said to Kyle Rose at the Blueprint Business Plan Competition this year when Kyle won the Nitsopoulos Family Entrepreneurship Award.

Kyle is an undergraduate student studying Philosophy at Brock University. In addition to running Golden Rose Enterprises, Kyle will be the Vice President, Finance and Administration of Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) next term. “I will gain a lot of experience that will benefit my business,” he says.

Kyle has passion for both entrepreneurship and sports and has found a perfect way to match them with the “Golden Standard”, a level of excellence maintained by high-performance athletes. That’s how Golden Rose Enterprises was born.

Golden Rose Enterprises is a company offering cleaning services for windows, solar panels, eaves and siding. Golden Rose Enterprises separates itself from the competition by offering an innovative and environmental friendly way of cleaning using water purification technology.

Besides the technology, Kyle creatively hired student athletes who are enrolled at a University in the community to help these students deal with the debt of student loans. “Unlike most students, those employed by Golden Rose Enterprises are striving to go against the norm and leave university not only debt free but with some money, without compromising time dedicated to their athletic endeavors,” said Kyle.

Golden Rose Enterprises has reached $14,000 in sales last year and this year’s projection climbs to $60,000. In addition to hundreds of residential clients, Golden Rose Enterprises has obtained over 6 commercial clients as well. “We will be having our 2-year anniversary on May 1st,” said Kyle. There is no doubt that this company is doing well and continuing to grow strongly.

BioLinc plays an important role in Kyle’s successful story. All BioLinc clients, including student entrepreneurs like Kyle receive mentoring, business advice, access to the Goodman School of Business Consulting Group and Brock researchers, and networking opportunities from BioLinc. Benefiting from the resources available in BioLinc, Kyle was able to develop his company to next level.

Recently, Kyle started working with Turn180 Custom Prototyping, one of BioLinc’s service providers, to develop a new water purification brush. The new brush will ensure greater efficiency of the company’s cleaning services. BioLinc continues to provide support and assistance for Kyle’s business and is available to help more student entrepreneurs like Kyle to transform their innovative business ideas into a reality.

Harrison Olajos
Founder, REFACED

Harrison is a first year student studying Business Administration in the Goodman School of Business at Brock University. Harrison has a passion for entrepreneurship and has become deeply involved in the Brock University Entrepreneurship Club (B.U.E.C.) and BioLinc. Recently, Harrison won 1st place in Brock’s Nicol Award competition for his business plan and will now be competing in the National Nicol Competition in Ottawa later this month.

Harrison started his first business, 1000 Islands Lawn And Landscaping, when he was 15. “I started it because I wanted more financial freedom but it quickly became something I did for more than just money,” he says. “The feeling of accomplishment and ownership you get from being a successful entrepreneur is what drives me.”

The passion for entrepreneurship drives Harrison keep growing and developing his business. He participated in Summer Company program and received $3000 grants, which supported him to grow the business in 2012. After starting his education at Brock University, Harrison brought his business to a new level.

Refaced, the business Harrison developed from his previous one, 1000 Islands Lawn and Landscaping, is a unique interlock, concrete, and natural stone surface cleaning and restoration company. Refaced is dedicated to providing customers with an affordable, time efficient, and long lasting solution to the problems faced with old and aging surfaces by utilizing a combination of specialty cleaning equipment.

To get financial support for this new start-up company, Harrison actively participated in Brock University Entrepreneurship Competitions and achieved impressive results. He won the Nicol competition and was also a finalist of Monster Pitch and got valuable feedback from judges.

In the process of Harrison developing his business and preparing for the competitions, BioLinc offered him with guidance, space working in the collaborative areas and opportunities to networking with other entrepreneurs. “BioLinc helped me to establish connections and networking with fellow entrepreneurs and students who have all helped to shape my business to what it is today,” said Harrison. He also found a great business partner Kyle Rose, who also is a student entrepreneur work closely with BioLinc, to grow his business to the next step.

Chris Jia
Founder, Hero Bootcamp

Chris Jia is a second year business student here at Brock University. Along with his studies in business, Chris has a passion for website design software development. It’s this passion that has led him to create Hero Bootcamp, a course designed to teach front-end development skills.

Hero Bootcamp is a course designed to teach non-technicals the skills they need to build their own websites. The course has just finished a test round which was open to anyone who wished to attend and was completely free. Those who took advantage of this great opportunity were taught basic skills in both html and css which they used to design their very own websites.

The skills that Hero Bootcamp teaches are almost becoming necessary for workers to remain relevant today. As technology becomes more prevalent, these skills are becoming sought-after by those who want to gain an edge in their professional careers. Chris hopes to one day become a leading provider of this type of education in the Niagara region.

Adrienne LIoren
Founder, GetAMPED

When I first came across Adrienne at a networking seminar, she was enjoying a networking game called “Musical Eyes” with a confident smile on her face, looking as if she could be as powerful as to read your mind. Talking to her you could feel a strong mix of both logic and creativity, which makes up to her unique charisma. It is that unique charisma that help Adrienne found her company GetAMPED in the year of graduation, a video production company that serves small businesses to amplify their marketing messages with a team of creative minds.

If you think that’s nothing surprising that someone founded a video production company, well, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science with a focus on Mathematics and Child & Youth Development. Quite a strange career path to take? According to her own words, “Often times people get confused when I mention that I was a Math Major in University and now I’m building a video marketing company, they often miss the co-relation of the two.” As she continued, “With my background being in Mathematics, I have been trained almost all my life to become an effective problem solver and to simplify everything! The essence of Business is to solve problems that people are willing to pay for and the essence of marketing is to simplify what you’ve got to offer so that people understand the value you bring in.”

By building GetAMPED, Adrienne is trying to help small business owners resonate with their ideal target market and amplify their messages to get better sales. That’s this unique positioning that got her a spot in the second cohort of BioLinc’s Kick-starting Entrepreneurship program offered by the business incubator at Brock University. “From BioLinc, I have gained access to other young, passionate and likeminded entrepreneurs that want to leave a positive impact in the world. As well as access to workshops and seminars that bring clarity to what I am creating. They challenge you and help you turn your idea into something tangible”, she said.

When asked about what to expect in the near future, Adrienne said that 2015 was a just a warm-up and 2016 will be a big year for GetAMPED. “We’re looking forward to helping more small business owners become the perceived experts in their field as well as educating them on video marketing strategies that leverage their time, money and expertise. We’ve spent a lot of 2015 building the foundation and come 2016 we’re getting very active on our social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. We’ll also be launching our own web series on YouTube called AMPED TV. We’d love to connect with you there!”

Check out GetAMPED here at