Entrepreneurs in the “Sett” stage at BioLinc, are developing and launching their startups. Sett (which is the name of a badgers home) staged entrepreneurs are using the open collaborative space at BioLinc. Below is a feature of the entrepreneurs and startup companies that BioLinc is working with. If you are interested in becoming a BioLinc entrepreneur, fill out our application form here.

Advanced Digital Strategy – Advanced Digital Strategy is a social media and digital marketing agency. They focus on giving brands a unique voice through social media management, e-mail marketing, advanced analytics and digital consulting.

Amir’s Tree Service – Amir Tree Services’ offer to cut down unwanted trees or prune dangerous branches and take out any bushes.
They are a family business, hassle-free and easy to deal with.  Please feel free to call Amir Tree Services for a consultation!!
Phone: 647-780-5234

Babiak Sport Management is focused on the development of innovation in sports. With a wealth of experience in professional and amateur sports, they manage and create sport properties at the cutting edge of the industry. They offer a selection of services from athlete representation to sport media and have a series of sport properties in development. Their goal is to innovate and be the pioneer in emerging sport markets.

BBBBLANC* – BBBBLANC* is a multidisciplinary design company based in St. Catharines, Ontario. We are engaged in on-going partnerships with brands, freelancers, and organizations , providing a wide variety of creative services to help them grow and strongly connect with their customer. 

B&M Agency – B&M Agency started by creating a marketing campaign that took off! Winning several awards and brining over 50, 000+ people together through sport.From there B&M was formed, continuing our work with organizations like USPORTS, Ontario University Athletics, Canada Basketball and more. 

Campus Brainiac is an app available for smart phones. It allows user to access tutors from around the world in all different areas of academics. The app allows users to find academic help, recreational tutors, quick help and brainstorm with other users.  Campus Brainiac is a great way to receive quick and efficient help in a variety of areas weather you are working on your first ever essay or your fourth year undergraduate thesis.

Creation Custom 3D Printing specializes in advanced 3D printing and prototyping applications for manufacturers start-up companies and medical professionals.3D printing is an additive manufacturing process in which material is laid down, layer by layer, to form a three-dimensional object. Although 3D printing is a new highly innovative service, Creations Custom 3DP Inc. has worked at improving on the process.

Caulies – Caulies is a company which looks to increase the experience of fans for the world’s more rough sports. They create wearable cauliflower ears that are designed to be worn at martial arts events and rugby matches, similar to the foam finger at a baseball game.

HeroHub – HeroHub is a marketing platform for charities and an information resource for individuals looking to get involved. It helps connect and inform those looking to get involved with charities in need of assistance.

Huvr – Huvr Media is a company which deals with Realestate photography and videos. They offer professional marketing at an affordable price for those looking to sell. 

LendU Financing is a company that specializes in loans for entrepreneurs. They help companies in the earl stages of innovation financially by giving them small loans with relatively low interest rates. They understand the difficulty of being an entrepreneur and are there to help when financing gets to be stressful.

LifePoints – LifePoints is a mobile app which promotes healthy living by rewarding users for going to the gym by earning them points they can then redeem elsewhere. 

Pupadise – Pupadise is a professional, trustworthy and personalized pet care service that takes place in your home. They do not have a drop-off facility because they believe pets are happiest in their home environment.

XpertVR – XpertVR is a virtual reality training simulator program. Their Xperts create a simulation that can be passed on to employees of a company to train in a more real environment than a class room but more safe than the real world experience.