BioLinc Student Assets


Here at BioLinc we are always working on helping student entrepreneurs start up their businesses. However, sometimes the best way to help a business get started is a partnership between mutually ambitious people. This means we are branching out to people who would not typically see themselves as entrepreneurs.

We are looking to find people who have the skills to help our entrepreneurs. And who knows, maybe you become the next co-founder of a big business. These skills could include knowledge in many different areas such as, software development, kinesiology, chemistry, marketing, and so much more.

If you believe you have the skills to help one of our entrepreneurs please send an email to detailing who you are and what skills you have to bring to the table. Your credentials will then be posted below, where entrepreneurs will be able to recruit talent if they see fit. Think of it as a job board, where you can gain experience through helping one of our entrepreneurs.


Name                                                      Credentials                                           Email

Connor Li – Computer Science Graduate, Coding and Software –

Steven Gip Liu – BBA Student, Active in Community, Multi-lingual –

Antonio Roberto Gallo – BBA Student, Interested in Marketing, –
Member of Brock investment group