BioLinc Service Agreement

As a campus based business incubator BioLinc’s role is to support innovation and entrepreneurship across campus and the Niagara region. As a person wishing to receive support from BioLinc, all service agreements below must be followed.


  • Services are provided at no charge to client companies, we assume no ownership or equity from the companies we work with
  • We provide one on one consultation with entrepreneurs to discuss business ideas, provide mentoring, and facilitate connections to other appropriate resources
  • We organize BioLinc events and programming related to entrepreneurship, as well as direct students to existing community opportunities to promote social and professional networking and skill building opportunities
  • Additional support may be available to qualified clients on a case-by-case basis
  • We provide access to co-working space, meeting rooms, 3D printing and other resources and opportunities related to start-up incubation
  • We assist with editing applications for financial support and grant proposals, as well as other related items including business plans, canvas tools and pitch decks
  • We provide practical support for obtaining media coverage, press release writing, and gaining public exposure

In addition, the Registrant will have access and be able to use, in conjunction with all other Registrants but subject to the priority rights of an Occupant who is a party to an Occupancy Agreement with Brock, to the following facilities:

A) The meeting rooms and kitchenette occupied or used from time to time as part of the BioLinc facility;

B) The Laboratory but only if the Registrant has completed the proper training courses for health and safety procedures and is able to demonstrate knowledge of and compliance with the Science Safety Training offered by Brock University.


We provide feedback and support; you make the decisions and execute the work.We assume no responsibility or liability for decisions that are made by you, based on the information, feedback and support provided.




Any information that you give us that is not publicly available will be treated as confidential. We will make all reasonable efforts to keep the information confidential within Brock University, the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE) and Innovate Niagara. The information will not be used except as reasonably required to provide our services and complete government or institutional reporting. Information will only be shared with partner organizations when their services can enhance or complement our internal resource offering.


The Registrant hereby further acknowledges that he/she will comply in every respect with all Rules and Regulations which may from time to time be issued by Brock University and applicable to having access to and using the BioLinc facilities. Said Rules and Regulations may be subject to revisions, deletions or additions in the sole discretion of Brock University.