Knowledge mobilization

Youth Engagement Committee

Brock University has formed a Youth Committee to help advise on the Brock Healthy Youth Program (BHYP) — looking at important issues like youth physical and mental health. The BHYP Youth Committee is made up of Niagara Region youth, aged 14-24, who assist the BHYP team in developing research ideas, keeping us informed about important matters affecting health and happiness, and providing a youth voice at various events!

BHYP Youth Committee members get an opportunity to be a part of groundbreaking research on youth, gain valuable volunteer experience and volunteer hours, obtain a reference letter and professional leadership experience for a resume, and receive opportunities for honorariums and other incentives.

Knowledge Mobilization Expert Advisory Committee

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Students Positively Applying Research Knowledge (SPARK)

The SPARK Youth Leadership Summit is held in partnership by the Brock University Student Union and the BHYP team. SPARK involves Niagara Region Residents aged 12-19. SPARK summits focus on sharing the current research being done at Brock University as well as promoting principles of leadership, physical literacy, mental health, goal setting and entrepreneurship. The initial SPARK was held in August 2014 and helped to kickstart youth engagement in BHYP!

Here are some photos from SPARK.


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