Student Involvement

“The Bfit Centre is such an enriching space for both members and students! I was first introduced to Bfit through a course practicum at Brock University (KINE 4F16), which turned into a full-time summer student position. I gained experience working with special populations and chronic conditions, learning to assist with transfers, leading exercise programming, stretching, and using specialized equipment to support members. The Bfit community is so motivating and the morale at the Centre is like no other! With the guidance of the Bfit staff, I am now attending the exercise science post-graduate program at Niagara College to continue my studies in supporting diverse populations.”

– Emily H., BKin ’23

Resources for Students

Students are a critical part of each program offered at the Bfit Centre and they make us different from other exercise settings. Student volunteers are from Kinesiology, Health Sciences, Recreation and Leisure, Master of Applied Gerontology and Master of Professional Kinesiology programs pursuing careers in rehabilitation, medicine, physiotherapy, and other healthcare-related professions.

By working within our programs, volunteers can apply their classroom knowledge to real-life situations. They also develop professional skills in dealing with specific populations. Our students are there to encourage, motivate and challenge our members through program progression, as well as ensure their safety.

Courses that include a practical component at the Bfit Centre:

  • GERO 5F99
  • HLSC 3P95 Heart Strong
  • HLSC 3P33/3P30/4P30 – Internships and Directed Readings
  • KINE 4F16 Power Cord
  • KINE 4P12 SeniorFit
  • KINE 3P99/4P99/4F91 – Advanced Topics in Kinesiology and Physical Education (Thesis/Project)

KINE 5P01/5P02/5P03: Master of Professional Kinesiology practicum Co-curricular Experience at the Bfit Centre

In partnership with Bfit and Co-op, Career and Experiential Education, Fit Link is a one-year co-curricular program. Students gain knowledge and experience to gain a competitive edge for careers in fitness, rehabilitation, and health and well-being.

Fit Link Program Information

Fit Link image of student helping senior

Learn about and build experience through this unique co-curricular program, including networking with industry professionals, skill development workshops, and intensive volunteering. In partnership with Bfit and Co-op, Career and Experiential Education, Fit Link will assist you in building your knowledge of careers in rehabilitation sciences. Students who complete Fit Link go on to pursue further education in physical activity and health-related careers.