There is no better way to be challenged and to experience a landscape than with a pair of boots and a backpack.

Travel along the Western Upland Backpacking Trail or the Highland Backpacking Trail in Algonquin Provincial Park, which is dotted with lakes and wildlife, for five days and four nights with a group of Brock students from across the university. You’ll spend the days hiking, the nights hanging out by the campfire, and you’ll arrive back on campus with a great group of new friends. Expect to be challenged, laugh a lot, and feel good about the start of the semester… Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Arriving at the Brock University campus early in the morning of the first day of your trip, you will be greeted by BaseCamp staff and your trip leaders — all of whom are current students or recent graduates from Brock University. We generally move pretty quickly that morning to get you on your way. Your leaders will double-check that you have all the right clothing, footwear and camping gear as you get into the vans and start your journey. You’ll arrive at your start location on the trail around noon. After a few group games and safety lessons, you will “step off” into your BaseCamp adventure!

Trip days are very different than “at home days” – Your trip schedule will have you travelling to different campsites every day. You will likely be getting up early so that you have time to take down tents while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate as the mist rises off the lake. Breakfast time is usually filled with conversation and stories of the previous night and prospects for the day ahead. After breakfast, your trip leaders will encourage you to have your bag packed so that the group can get on the trail. Expect to carry a backpack with your clothes, sleeping bag, some group gear and food. You’ll be challenged, but feel great at the end of each day!

You’ll spend your days exploring Algonquin’s pristine wilderness – remember to bring your camera! You will be surprised how quickly you and your trip mates become friends and how fast five days can fly-by. Stopping for a swim to cool off, walking next to a swamp to see a mother moose and her calf, exploring a historic logging ruin, or simply catching some rays are memorable parts of any BaseCamp trip.

Dinnertime is a very special time of the day. As your trip leaders prepare dinner, you have the opportunity to practise your outdoor skills, help cook, hang out with your new group of friends, read a book, or simply get lost in the beauty of nature. Typically, some of the time after dinner is spent on our orientation curriculum where your trip leaders cover many pertinent topics that will help you as a Brock student. Our trip leaders are current upper-year students or alumni from Brock University who can answer questions, offer advice and share some of the tricks they’ve learned to be successful at university! Around the campfire, daylight slips into darkness with a roasted marshmallow and a star-filled sky.

One of the most common questions we get is, “What will the food be like on my trip?” We are continually working towards refining our menu to serve the best camping food you will ever have, guaranteed! Below is a typical five-day menu for our BaseCamp trips. The menu does change according to the dietary restrictions of our participants, but this should give you a general idea of what to expect.

Day 1Not Provided – Eat on route to BaseCamp drop off locationPita bread, peanut butter* and jelly, cheese, fresh fruitSpaghetti - pasta, tomato paste, onions, garlic, cookies
Day 2Oatmeal, brown sugar, milk, dried fruitPita bread, hummus, cheese, snacks, fresh fruitFresh Vegetable Stir-fry – carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, tofu, peppers, snow peas, onion, pudding
Day 3Cold cereal, milk, brown sugarTortilla, crackers, peanut butter* and jelly, cheese, pepperoniFajitas - tortillas, black beans, cheese, onions, garlic, brownies
Day 4Fresh baked cinnamon buns, dried fruitTortilla, hummus, cheese, granola barsLazy Perogies - noodles, mashed potatoes, cheese, garlic, onions, apple crumble
Day 5Pancakes, maple syrup, chocolate chipsPita, peanut butter* and jelly, cheeseCookies, Juice on Arrival at Brock University Campus

Additional items

Juice mix, various snack Items, hot chocolate, tea, instant coffee.

*These items will be replaced with a substitute if a participant has a known allergy.

BaseCamp is able to provide you with all the necessary group camping equipment you will need for your trip at no additional cost. Generally, we say that all you need to bring is your personal clothing, hiking boots, water bottles, hygiene items, and a sense of adventure. We’ll send you a detailed backpacking equipment list to see what you will need to bring.

If you have any questions regarding the specifics of the backpacking trip, contact the BaseCamp office: