Thank you for your interest in BaseCamp. Due to COVID-19, BaseCamp experiences will not be offered this summer.

We are committed to providing you with all of the information you will need to successfully begin your studies at Brock this Fall. Incoming students will have the opportunity to participate in an Online Summer Orientation Program. Check back regularly to for updates.

Brock BaseCamp offers canoeing, backpacking and local adventure trips for undergraduate students during the month of August.

  • BaseCamp trips are three to five days long and are led by current Brock students and alumni.
  • The program is coordinated by Brock faculty and staff with extensive outdoor experience.
  • Each trip includes undergraduate students and leaders and provides a great chance to meet a diverse group of classmates.

You’ll explore the outdoors, travel and camp together, share stories, and end up with a great group of friends when you’re back on campus in the fall! On your trip, you’ll learn more about the University, discover what it takes to be successful in school, and find out about making healthy choices while living away from home. If you’re looking to start your academic year in a unique way, think about a BaseCamp trip this summer!

Get BaseCamp on your transcript!

Did you know… You can get a non-credit course added to your academic transcript for participating in a Brock BaseCamp trip?

It’s easy! All you have to do is register for RECL 0N06 – Brock BaseCamp as a Fall course, and we’ll be sure it shows up on your transcript. Take advantage of this great opportunity to have your BaseCamp experience permanently added to your academic record. For more information and for permission to register, contact Dr. Tim O’Connell.

Please note: This course (RECL 0N06) is non-credit bearing and does not count toward completing your degree at Brock.

BaseCamp goals

Brock BaseCamp is a distinctive summer experience for undergraduate students at Brock University. While BaseCamp trips take place in the outdoors, the primary purpose is to enhance our students’ overall experience at the University. The following goals serve as a guide for Brock BaseCamp trips:

  1. Provide students with a fun way to meet new people, make friends and develop a sense of community.
  2. Provide participants the opportunity to talk about student life issues such as drug and alcohol use, living away from home, diversity and positive interpersonal relationships.
  3. Encourage participants to increase self-confidence and to take responsibility for their choices and themselves.
  4. Support student retention and successful graduation from Brock.
  5. Provide leadership experiences for current Brock students.
  6. Promote an appreciation for the natural environment and foster an interest in outdoor recreation activities.