Webinar: COVID-19 Legal Issues Facing Sport and Recreation Organizations

Sport has not been immune from the impact of COVID-19. Looking at some of the legal issues that have arisen or may arise, Hilary Findlay, LLB, PhD will share thoughts on what you should be doing now and, in the future, to prepare for the resumption of sporting and recreation activities.

This free webinar was hosted by Brock University’s Centre for Sport Capacity.

Hilary Findlay

Live Webinar with Hilary Findlay, Member, Centre for Sport Capacity, Brock University

Thursday April 30, 2020

2:00 p.m. EDT

Dr. Hilary Findlay has a long and varied career helping sport & recreation organizations deal with a wide array of legal issues. She also teaches in the Department of Sport Management at Brock University in the areas of risk management, regulatory issues, contracts and trademark & copyright, among other topics. As a member of Brock’s Centre for Sport Capacity, Hilary is pleased to dig into legal issues affecting sport & recreation organizations as they navigate life during, and after, Covid 19.

This webinar was free and open to anyone in the public interested in learning more about COVID-19 Legal Issues Facing Sport and Recreation Organizations.

An RSVP was not required, however attendees were encouraged to pre-register and submit related questions, topics or areas of interest in advance prior to Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at noon .


A focus on…

Contracts entered into but which can no longer be fulfilled. Contracts may relate to membership & registration fees, league activities, events, sponsorship, employment.

Risk management and the health & welfare of athletes, coaches, spectators, staff & others associated with the organization – now and moving forward.

Governance & operations. This may mean relooking at running a virtual AGM, dealing with employment matters, maintaining rental agreements, and communicating with members.

Who should participate?

  • Sport and recreation professionals
  • Sport industry leaders
  • Individuals from small and medium sport and recreation organizations
  • Current or aspiring Sport Management, Recreation or Business students
  • Brock University Law Plus students


  • A 60 minute free webinar in real-time
  • Presentation by Hilary Findlay, LLB, PhD
  • Moderated chat line in real time where attendees can pose questions

Webinar, including Q&A session will be recorded and posted for public viewing on Brock University’s Centre for Sport Capacity website.