Canada Games Experiential Courses

Brock Sport Management’s Canada Games experiential courses provide students with opportunities that prepare them for careers at events such as the Pan Am Games, the World Cup of Soccer, the Commonwealth Games and more!

In 2022 at the Canada Games, students with knowledge in sport management, technology, tourism, medical sciences, business, linguistics, and more will gain    much-needed experience for careers in the expanding global sport event industry projected at $2,300 billion by 2026.

The Major Games Field Course (SPMA 4P98) is designed for students seeking experiential opportunities in their field of study while volunteering at a multi-sport event such as the Canada Games. The Spectator Engagement Course (SPMA 3V92) offers four sections (Spectator Engagement; Athletes’ Village and Polyclinic, Social Media, Media Operations) to cater to the specific interests of students from across Brock’s campus.

The goal of these courses is to advance applied and experiential learning, critical thinking, problem solving, strategic planning and cultural awareness through volunteer experiences at a major sporting event.

The flexibility embedded in the design of these courses enables students to select their pre-games strategic and/or programming roles or their volunteer roles at the sporting event and the location.

Current opportunities

The dual full and half-credit options available in the Major Games Field Courses enable students in fields of study from across Brock’s campus to hone their skills by assisting in the pre-event planning and by volunteering at the Niagara 2022 Canada Games from August 6 to 21.

Apply now by completing the online forms for the learning experience you desire below.

Applications will close at 4:00 pm on December 17, 2021 for SPMA 3V92 and February 11 from SPMA 4P98. Late applications will not be not be reviewed.

  • Are you a 2nd, 3rd or 4th year student in Business, Sport Management, Kinesiology, Tourism, Fine & Performing Arts, Labour, Linguistics, Computer Science, or any other major?
  • Are you looking for a unique experiential learning opportunity?
  • Do you want to volunteer for a major sport event in a leadership or fundamental role?
  • Full and half-credit opportunities available

These courses are differentiated by their orientation towards planning (SPMA 3V92) versus onsite experiential learning (SPMA 4P98).

Students taking SPMA 3V92 will be planning essential aspects of the Games.

Students are encouraged to take the full-credit option by applying to register for SPMA 3V92 in the Winter (D3) term and SPMA 4P98 – in the Summer term.

Thus your efforts in planning will be leveraged during the Games as you will be considered essential experts in your area of focus!

The full-credit option is delivered to students seeking a planning role in advance of the games coupled with realizing their plans during the games.

Overviews of the areas of focus and application forms are below.

Benefits: While learning from members of the 2022 CG Host Committee, students will have the unparalleled opportunity to plan key facets of a national multi-sport games. While pursuing one of four areas of interest, students will engage in collaborative workshops to develop creative and functional aspects of the games to enhance the experience of spectators and athletes alike.


  • Attend the “Welcome Event” for students in the SPMA 3V92 and 4P98 classes (details TBA)
  • Attend 2-hour workshops hosted by Brock faculty/staff and a member of the Canada Games Host Committee intermittently with collaborative planning sessions with peers in the class.
  • Assist in the completion of the Games planning for the focal area you have selected (submit to Dr. Cousens).
  • Volunteer for 30-hours at the Games to deliver the plan you and your peers have created.
  • Complete venue tours and training as needed.
  • Submit post-event reflection paper.

Course Areas of Focus


  • SPMA 3V92 WINTER 2022
  • max. 80 students
  • Date and Time: Thursdays 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Location: TH 244
  • Instructor: Aaron Kotzer

Plan the game-day activities at each sport at the Games. Students will select a sport/venue, then work with a member of the 2022 CG Host Committee to develop plans to entertain spectators each day at their selected sport.

This highly creative, collaborative, critical aspect of the Games will provide memorable experiences for those attending the Games. Working in teams to plan for the game-day experiences of fans at each sport will require students to work hand-in-hand with 2022 CG staff while preparing for this unforgettable element of the 2022 CG!

Students will learn various aspects of spectator engagement (theory/applied) to assist them in their planning. Students can deliver the plans they developed during the Canada Games (August 6 to 21) by selecting shifts at the sport-of-choice that has been the focus of their planning efforts for a minimum of 30-hours during the Games when they select their shifts on-line through the volunteer portal. Students will begin training by 2022 CG staff beginning in January 2022.

Click here for SPMA 3V92 Fan Engagement application form >>


  • SPMA 3V92 WINTER 2022
  • max. 20 students
  • Date and Time: Thursdays 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Location: TH 147
  • Instructor: Chris Seguin

Students will receive training to prepare them to assist the media at the games (mix zone, Games’ communication, web management). The specialized instruction by 2022 CG staff will enable students to undertake planning for this critical area of the Games.

Beginning in January 2022, students will engage in a mix of workshops and group efforts to create strategic plans for engaging and catering to the needs of print, broadcast and digital media representatives from across Canada. Students can deliver the plans they developed in the winter term during the Canada Games by selecting shifts that enable the student to volunteer for a minimum of 30-hours during the Games when they select their shifts on-line through the volunteer portal.

During the Games, students will be at the center of feeding the appetite of fans across Canada. This essential role brings the stories of the games to our nation. You will be part of the knowledgeable and enthusiastic team supporting the media, exploring a career in media operations and creating the legacy of the games through the lens of the press.

Click here for SPMA 3V92 Media Operations application form >>


  • SPMA 3V92 WINTER 2022
  • max. 15 students
  • Date and Time: Wednesdays noon – 2:00 p.m.
  • Location: MCA 241
  • Instructor: Kelly Ring

Students will work with the 2022 CG Manager of Digital Marketing to develop a strategic plan for social media at the 2022 Canada Games. This team will begin work in January 2022 and receive extraordinary training from experts in workshops, discussions and presentations before working in groups to develop the social media strategic plan.

During the Games, students can deliver the plans they developed at the Canada Games by selecting shifts that enable the student to volunteer for a minimum of 30-hours during the Games when they select their shifts on-line through the volunteer portal.

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  • SPMA 3V92 WINTER 2022
  • Max. 16 Leads + 100 Team Members
  • Date and Time: Fridays 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
  • Location: WH 324
  • Instructor: Marc Sorrie

Students will work with the Senior Manager of Athlete Services to develop systems, protocols, etc. for the Athletes Village (located on Brock’s campus) beginning on January 2022. Training will consist of presentations, workshops and technical instruction to enable students to undertake critical roles in the Athletes Village or the Polyclinic (located on Brock’s campus).

The Athletes Village will be the home-away-from-home to the 5,000 participants (athletes, coaches, managers and technical support). In addition to accommodation, the Athletes Village encompasses the main dining hall, athlete transportation hub, quiet lounges, information desk and entertainment.

The Polyclinic offers a wide range of medical services including, front-line care, mental health service, dental and more.

During the Games (August 6 to 21), students can deliver the plans and use the capability they learned during the pre-games training. Flexibility in the scheduling program enables students to select shifts that permit the student to volunteer for a minimum of 30-hours during the Games while managing their personal commitments.

Click here for SPMA 3V92 Athletes Village and Polyclinic application form >>

The half-credit opportunities (SPMA 4P98) enable students to volunteer in fundamental roles at the Canada Games. Students select their role when they register as a volunteer at the Games. The roles include:

  • Protocol
  • Volunteer Services
  • Sport Operations (equipment; hotels & hospitality; minor officials; results; spectator services)
  • Sport venue operations (event services; fit out)
  • Venue overlay
  • Food services
  • Transportation (arrival & departures; motor pool)
  • Technology (hope desk)
  • Broadcasting (broadcast supervisor or crew; webcast supervisor or crew)
  • Community relations (mascot program)
  • Media Relations (media centre; website administrator)
  • Marketing (sponsorship)
  • Merchandising
  • Ticketing
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Artistic Festivals (Artistic services, production, site management – supervisor or crew)


  • Complete six (6) on-campus training modules in February and March  (approx. 6 to 12-hours total) hosted by Dr. Cousens in collaboration with experts with knowledge of critical areas of games hosting.
  • 30 hours of volunteering in a fundamental role of your choice (sign-up for your role on-line through the Canada Games volunteer portal)
  • Complete Canada Games volunteer training in-person and on-line
  • Complete venue training in June or early July (1/2 day) in Niagara
  • Submit post-event reflection paper

*Note: Students may volunteer on at least 2 weekend days to ease scheduling with summer job expectations.

Click here to apply to SPMA 4P98 (30 hours volunteer) / SPMA 0N04 (6 weeks pre-games training >>

Students in SPMA 3V92 will select their locations during the training and planning stages of this course. Those students in SPMA 4P98 will register on the Canada Games Volunteer Portal to select their sport/location and schedule. The Canada Games will be hosted at the following venues and locations.

Brock University (St. Catharines) and the Canada Games Park (Thorold)

  • Rugby Sevens
  • Diving
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Athletics
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Box Lacrosse
  • Wrestling
  • Volleyball

Legends on the Niagara Golf Course – Battlefield Course (Niagara Falls)

  • Golf

Oakes Park (Niagara Falls)

  • Baseball

Meridian Centre (St. Catharines)

  • Basketball

Royal Canadian Henley Rowing Course (St. Catharines)

  • Rowing

Twelve Mile Creek (St. Catharines)

  • Mountain Bike

Niagara College Welland Campus (Welland)

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball

Welland Baseball Stadium (Welland)

  • Baseball

Welland International Flatwater Centre (Welland)

  • Canoe Kayak
  • Triathlon
  • Swimming

Welland Tennis Club (Welland)

  • Tennis

Youngs Sportsplex

  • Soccer

Niagara-on-the-Lake Sailing Club (Niagara-on-the-Lake)

  • Sailing

Niagara-on-the-Lake Tennis Club (Niagara-on-the-Lake)

  • Tennis

Port Colborne (Port Colborne)

  • Cycling

Southward Park (Grimsby)

  • Softball

Town of Pelham (Fonthill)

  • Cycling
  1. Have a broad conceptual view of sport event management and logistics (Content Knowledge).
  2. Use accepted techniques of discovery and apply critical thinking within and outside the discipline area of event management, enabling the student to solve problems independently and evaluate opinions and outcomes at the personal, scholarly, and professional level (Discovery & Critical Thinking).
  3. Use knowledge of effective techniques to foster inquiry and engagement in the sport event setting (Communication).
  4. Embrace the values of citizenship, sportsmanship, social inclusion, professionalism, respect and diversity at the sport event to enhance the experience of athletes, spectators and others at the Games (Citizenship).
  5. Use your understanding of how event logistics and management guide the overall integration of activities undertaken at the Games and support an appropriate environment for all participants at the Games (Applied Knowledge).
  6. Be a reflective professional who actively seeks to further self-knowledge and seeks opportunities to grow professionally (Lifelong Learning).

Students are responsible for course fees and any accommodation and/or transportation fees incurred while undertaking training or volunteering at the Canada Games.

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