Shannon Kerwin, PhD

Associate Professor, Sport Management

Office: STH 300B
905 688 5550 x6177

Dr. Kerwin teaches and conducts research in the areas of organizational behaviour and human resource management in sport. Specifically, Dr. Kerwin has looked at how personal and organizational values align to enhance important organizational outcomes, the role of conflict in the effectiveness of volunteer boards of directors, and how leadership is developed and fostered within the context of team/organizational culture.

  • Organizational behaviour in sport
  • Human resource management in sport
  • Leadership of volunteers in sport
  • 2021 Research Affiliate, Wasserman Media Group Collective Think Tank
  • 2020 Research Affiliate, e-Alliance Gender+ Equity in Sport Research Hub
  • Member of Centre for Sport Capacity
  • Industry partnerships with Canadian Women & Sport, via Sport BC, Skate Ontario, MLSE Foundation, and Bowls Canada
  • 2015 North American Society for Sport Management Research Fellow

Grants Awarded

MacIntosh, E. (PI), Doherty, A. (Co-PI), & Kerwin, S. (Co-PI). Creating a Safe Sport Culture in Canadian High-performance Sport, version 2. SSHRC Insight Grant.

Trussell, D., & Kerwin, S. (co-PIs). Participation of girls and women in sport: Gender equity in sport research hub. Sport Canada Grant.

Trussell, D. (PI), & Kerwin, S. (Co-PI). More than child’s play, it’s a family affair: Board member, parent, and family life identity in community youth sport. SSHRC Insight Grant.

Kerwin, S. (PI). Evaluating the effectiveness of a gender equity program in non-profit sport clubs. Canadian Women & Sport (formerly Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity [CAAWS]) Grant.

Books, case studies, and contributions to edited books

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Papers in peer-referred journals

Wicker, P., & Kerwin, S. (2020). Women representation in Canadian sport boards and the relation with organizational characteristics. Managing Sport and Leisure.

Delshab, V., Siani, M. G., Pyun, D. Y., Kerwin, S., Cegarra-Navarro, J-G. (2020). The Impact of Unlearning Context on Organizational Performance through Knowledge Management: A Case of Community Sport Clubs in Iran. Sport Management Review.

McClean, C., Odio, M., & Kerwin, S. (2020) Exploring the influence of stimulus events: A case study of undergraduate student internships. Sport Management Education Journal.


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  • Managing Human Resources in Sport Organizations
  • Management Concepts in Nonprofit Organizations
  • Advanced Human Resource Management in Sport