Olan Scott, PhD

Associate Professor, Sport Management

Office: STH 446
905 688 5550 x4989

Dr. Olan Scott is an assistant professor in sport management at Brock University. His research into sport media particularly focuses on the mainstream media and fan engagement in social media. He is heavily involved in industry-focused research including social media marketing, fan development, strategic planning, and brand-awareness market research

  • Social Media
  • Fan Engagement
  • Sport Media
  • Olympic Studies
  • Media Analyses

My research is interdisciplinary with foci on the mediation of consumers through discourse and social media marketing.

First, I investigate the story lines that are embedded into the coverage of events by the media in an attempt to capture, build and maintain consumers for the duration of an event. In particular, my research has focused on global sporting events that take place over a longer period of time, in which sustained consumption is important to commercial media outlets as the audience is on-sold in the form of ratings or readership to advertisers and sponsors. Thus, my media research has implications on the management, marketing, and sponsorship of sport telecasts, because it provides an indication into framing, agenda-setting, and scripting during these events.

My second research focus analyses how social media can engage both consumers and students. The initial study that I conducted investigated how the use of social media in the university classroom could foster enhanced engagement with course materials. Further, I have completed research projects with a variety of scholars and industry partners, wherein we investigated the types of social media messages that engaged fans most effectively. We also segmented the social media following of these sport teams using an existing theoretical framework. In addition, these industry partnerships and resultant projects have implications for the marketing, sponsorship, and engagement with fans on social media, because it provides practitioners and academics with insider information on which types of messaging is most engaging to fans.

Book Chapters:

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Scott, O. K., M., Naylor, M. & Bruffy, K. (2016). The importance of social media in sport organizations. In T. Byers (Ed.), Contemporary Issues in Sport Management: A Critical Introduction (pp. 363-379). London, UK: Sage Publications.

Journal Articles:

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Scott, O. K. M., Hill, B., & Zakus, D. (2012). When the home team is not featured: Comparison of commentary between two television network broadcasts of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Sport Management Review, 15(1), 23-32.

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  • Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand
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I am currently accepting graduate students whose research interests align with mine for September 2018.

Prospective students should email me to discuss graduate study opportunities.