Nicholas Burton, PhD

Assistant Professor, Sport Management

Office: STH 362
905 688 5550 x6289

Dr. Burton’s research is focused on the nature and strategy of ambush marketing within the sport marketing industry in order to better understand the managerial implications for sport sponsors and partnership relations. His other areas of interest include: sponsorship management and strategy; commercial rights management; athlete branding and celebrity endorsements; international sport business; sport marketing management; consumer behaviour; event marketing.

  • Sponsorship management
  • Ambush marketing
  • Brand strategy
  • International sport business
  • European Association of Sport Management, 2014-2017

Burton, N. & Chadwick, S. (2017). Ambush marketing is dead, long live ambush marketing – a re-definition and typology of an increasingly prevalent phenomenon. Journal of Advertising Research.

Burton, N., McKelvey, S. & Snyder, K. (In press). The evolution of media reporting of ambush marketing. Sport Marketing Quarterly.

Burton, N., Chadwick, S. & Bradish, C. (2016). Ambush Marketing in Sport. In Nielsen, K., Storm, R. & Wagner, U. (Eds.), When Sport Meets Business (pp. 108-119). London: Sage Publications.

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Burton, N., Gorse, S. & Chadwick, S. (2012). Building an Entrepreneurial Sports Empire: The Case of Red Bull. In Ciletti, D. & Chadwick, S. (Eds.), Sports Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice
(pp. 15 – 26). Morgantown, West Virginia: Fitness Information Technology.

  • Advanced Sport Marketing
  • Globalization of Sport
  • Sports Sponsorship
  • Introduction to Sport Management