Ashley Thompson, PhD

Assistant Professor, Sport Management

Ashley Thompson

South Block (STH), 446,

905 688 5550 extention 6124

Dr. Ashley Thompson is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Sport Management at Brock University. With a strong expertise in the field, Dr. Thompson’s research focuses on the interplay between governance, strategy, and organizational change in nonprofit sport organizations. Her expertise lends valuable insights into optimizing the long-term effectiveness of these organizations.

In addition to her research pursuits, Dr. Thompson is currently instructing courses on strategic management and sport events. Her pedagogical approach empowers students to develop a deep understanding of these subjects and equips them with the practical skills necessary to excel in the industry.

Dr. Thompson brings a wealth of professional experience to her role, having worked with various sport organizations, including her previous position as Vice-President of the Ottawa Valley Golf Association. During her tenure, she demonstrated key leadership skills and managerial proficiency, contributing to the association’s success.

Through her extensive academic contributions, instructive teaching methodologies, and notable professional experiences, Dr. Thompson strives to make a significant impact on the field of sport management, both academically and professionally. She is eager to collaborate with new organizations that may benefit from her expertise to support their growth and development.

Organizational change
Nonprofit sport organizations

North American Society for Sport Management

European Association for Sport Management

Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand

Centre for Sport Capacity

Strategic Alliances

Sport Event Management

Dr. Thompson is accepting applications from students interested in completing a thesis-based master’s related to governance, strategy, or organizational change in nonprofit sport organizations. Interested candidates should review Dr. Thompson’s academic publications and locate a potential area of study that aligns with her expertise. Please reach out to discuss potential opportunities.

Dr. Thompson has a limited number of undergraduate student opportunities (SPMA 3P99 and SPMA 4P99) currently available. If you have a topic you would like to research (e.g., structured literature review) related to governance, strategy, or organizational change in nonprofit sport organizations, please reach out to discuss potential opportunities.