SPMA 4P98 – Major Games Field Course – Championship Events

Brock Sport Management’s Championship Events experiential course provides students with opportunities to prepare them for careers at events such as the Pan Am Games, the Canada Games, the World Cup of Soccer, the North American Indigenous Games and more! 

 In 2023 at Canadian football’s championship events, students with knowledge in event management, partner activation, enhancing the fan experience and more will gain much-needed experience for their careers in the expanding global sport event industry projected at $2,300 billion by 2026. 


The Major Games Course (SPMA 4P98) is designed for students seeking experiential opportunities in their field of student while volunteering at a major sporting event and pre-game festivities.The purpose of this course is to advance applied and experiential learning, critical thinking, problem solving, and cultural awareness through volunteer experiences a major sporting event. The flexibility embedded in the design of the D2 2023 course enables students to select their role, schedule and location at the pre-event festivities and a the championship event using an online registration system. Student volunteers will be provided with a customized jacket and accreditation to wear at all events.

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  • Are you a 3rd or 4th year sport management student?
  • Are you looking for a unique experiential learning opportunity?
  • Do you want to volunteer for the organizers of championship events from November 23 to 26, 2023? (Faculty teaching 3rd and 4th year courses have been asked not to schedules tests, exams, or presentations during and immediately following these dates).
  • This is a half-credit opportunity.

Course Description

The half-credit opportunities (SPMA 4P98) enable students to volunteer in fundamental roles at Championship Events (November 23 to 26, 2023). Students select their role(s) when they register as a volunteer on the Championship Events online registration system.


  • Complete on-line training modules provided by the Championship Event host.
  • Attend training in-class or on Teams (Tuesdays 12:00-2:00 pm) hosted by Dr. Cousens in collaboration with experts with knowledge of critical areas of Championship Events hosting.
  • 30 hours of volunteering in a fundamental role of your choice (sign-up for your role on-line through the volunteer portal)
  • Submit post-event reflection paper to Dr. Cousens via Brightspace by December 3, 2023.
  • Download the SpacesEDU app and complete ongoing reflection tasks during the training and practical experiences of the course.

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Students in SPMA 4P98 will select their locations using the host’s online volunteer portal. Locations for the pre-championship events are in Hamilton (November 23 to 25) with the Championship Event at Tim Horton’s Field.

Students are responsible for transportation to/from their selected volunteer role/location. Efforts will be made to assist students’ coordination of travel.

Transferable Skills

  • Have a broad conceptual view of sport championship events management and logistics (Content Knowledge).
  • Use accepted techniques of discovery and apply critical thinking within and outside the discipline area of event management, enabling the student to solve problems independently and evaluate opinions and outcomes at the personal, scholarly, and professional level (Discovery & Critical Thinking).
  • Use knowledge of effective techniques to foster inquiry and engagement in sport championship events settings (Communication).
  • Embrace the values of citizenship, sportsmanship, social inclusion, professionalism, respect, and diversity at the sport event to enhance the experience of athletes, spectators and others at the Championship Events (Citizenship).
  • Use your understanding of how event logistics and management guide the overall integration of activities undertaken at the Championship Events and support an appropriate environment for all participants at the Events (Applied Knowledge).
  • Be a reflective professional who actively seeks to further self-knowledge and seeks opportunities to grow professionally (Lifelong Learning).


Students are responsible for course fees and any transportation fees incurred while undertaking training or volunteering at the Championship Events.

For More Information

Contact Mike Fawkes, Undergraduate Experiential Learning, mfawkes@brocku.ca or Prof. Laura Cousens lcousens@brocku.ca

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