Brad Millington PhD

Associate Professor, Sport Management

Brad Millington PhD

Office: STH 302

Extension: 4612 

My research examines sport and related practices, such as health promotion, fitness, and physical activity, from a social scientific perspective. My specific interests lie with two areas of study:  

1) Sport and environmental sustainability (including topics such as sport’s environmental implications, protest movements, and sport for development); 

2) Sport media and technology (including topics such as wearable health and fitness technology, sport analytics, and consumer experience). 

I am the author of Fitness, Technology, and Society: Amusing Ourselves to Life (Routledge), and co-author of The Greening of Golf: Sport, Globalization and the Environment (with Brian Wilson, Manchester University Press).  

My work has received funding from Sport Canada and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.  

  •  Sport and environmental sustainability – Sport for development – Sport media and technology – Wearable health and fitness technology – Sport analytics 

 – North American Society for the Sociology of Sport 

– Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (UK) 

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– Power, politics and policy in sport 

– Professional engagement for the sport industry 

– Social responsibility for sports, recreation and health