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Do you want to make a difference in peoples lives and in your community?

Are you interested in leadership opportunities in your community or the natural environment?

Do you want to support wellness initiatives for individuals across the lifespan or become an agent of change for inclusive and accessible leisure service delivery?

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Grace Beaman, RECL student Community Recreation

Brooke Pirson, RECL student Outdoor Recreation

Ashley Giroux, RECL student Therapeutic Recreation

Grace Nelson, RECL master's student, Leisure Studies

John Foster, RECL master's student, Leisure Studies

Alex Hall, RECL student Therapeutic Recreation

Information On This Exciting Program!

A degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies from Brock University provides a diverse set of educational and experiential learning opportunities for students in three areas of concentration.

  • Community recreation
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Therapeutic recreation

This program is designed to qualify graduates for a wide range of positions in the rapidly evolving field of recreation and leisure services.

Graduates will acquire the skills needed to take on leadership roles within community groups and organizations; wilderness settings; allied health services; and commercial, municipal and not-for-profit sectors.

Our commitment toward respecting diversity and inclusiveness, while valuing the importance of recreation and leisure in society, is our foundation for imaginative and innovative scholarship in teaching, learning and research.

The Community Recreation concentration studies leisure services in diverse and changing communities, including management, community development and the needs of participants.

The Outdoor Recreation concentration focuses on leadership in the natural environment. You’ll prepare to serve as a wilderness trip leader, facilitate groups in outdoor recreation settings, work in outdoor and experiential education environments, and promote social and environmental change in the world. Activities include lectures, outdoor and experiential activities, and small group work.

The Therapeutic Recreation concentration is focused on the goal of ensuring that all individuals, regardless of ability, have access to meaningful leisure in their lives. You’ll gain hands-on experience in providing services to marginalized individuals (people with disabilities and illnesses, recent immigrants, people who experience poverty and older adults), using leisure to improve functional abilities and quality of life.



  • Introduction to Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Leadership in Recreation


  • Recreation Programming
  • Foundations of Community Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, and Therapeutic Recreation
  • Research Design and Evaluation
  • Social Psychology of Leisure
  • Courses in Program Concentration (CR, OR, TR)


  • Sociology of Leisure
  • Research Methods (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Courses in Program Concentration (CR, OR, TR)


  • Undergraduate Thesis and/or Agency Placement
  • Courses in Program Concentration (CR, OR, TR)
  • Internship

Courses in Community Recreation Concentration (CR): Child and Youth Work, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Finance, Community Development, Facilities Management, Health Promotion, Master Planning, Leisure and Aging

Courses in Outdoor Recreation Concentration (OR): Outdoor Leadership Practices, Risk Management, Wilderness Trip Planning, Adventure-Based Education, Wilderness Philosophies, Outdoor Resource Management, Outdoor Education and Interpretation, Inclusive Outdoor Recreation

Courses in Therapeutic Recreation Concentration (TR): Anatomy and Physiology, Leisure Education, Abnormal Psychology, TR Programming, Assessment, Leisure and Behavioural Health, Facilitation, Leisure and Physical Rehabilitation, Leisure and Disabilities

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With a Recreation and Leisure Studies Degree From BROCK - The Experience is Everything!

Why choose a Brock University degree program?

We have a proud tradition of teaching excellence at Brock and our faculty members know that learning is best encouraged by quality teacher-student relationships.

As a result, our professors, instructors and teaching assistants try to create environments which nurture students’ sense of belonging while incorporating relevant, meaningful content into classes.

Read faculty bios to learn more about our teaching and research.

The Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies believes that experiential education is an integral aspect of our degree program.

These opportunities enable you to engage with and reflect on what you are learning in the classroom, beyond campus and into the community.

We offer a range of opportunities that will allow you to develop your skills in the areas that interest you most.

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Community Partners:

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (FAHS) has more than 350 active community partners dedicated to providing students with opportunities in experiential learning and research.

Of the Faculty of Applied Health Science’s more than 3,900 undergraduate students, more than 75% of them participate in experiential learning prior to graduating. This adds up to more than 4 million hours of community service work completed by FAHS undergraduate students annually. As a result, our students, not only report a greater understanding of what they are learning, but also discover which passions will guide their future career paths.

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Heather Savage, RECL grad '99

Grayson Burke, RECL grad '03

Jodi Hendriks - RECL grad '11

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