Undergraduate advising

Excel academically.

At Brock, we want you to have the best student experience possible.

To help you make wise academic decisions, our department has an Academic Advisor knowledgeable of your specific program requirements.

You are encouraged to take the time to meet your Advisor and learn how you can be a successful undergraduate student.

Your advisor is a friendly, approachable person who can support you on your student journey in a number of helpful ways.

General program advising includes:

  • Program planning
  • Course selection
  • Change of majors
  • Adding minors
  • Choosing concentrations within Recreation & Leisure Studies
  • Information regarding international exchange agreements and studying abroad
  • Provides support and advice about Academic integrity, misconduct, probation, suspension or debarment

Future career and educational planning includes:

  • Job searches and career opportunities within the Recreation & Leisure sector
  • Consultation regarding pathways to graduate schools and teacher’s colleges
  • Queries from prospective college transfer students wishing to apply and study in the Department of Recreation & Leisure Studies

Looking for a useful tool to help you stay organized and meet all of the requirements to graduate from your specific program of study?

A Program Planner will help you keep track of what courses you have already taken, what you still need take and whether you can take that interesting elective you’re curious about?

Contact mfawkes@brocku.ca if planners for earlier dates are required.

*It is the responsibility of each student to ensure the courses selected meet their degree requirements. All courses and programs are subject to enrollment limitations and may have restrictions, course pre-requisites and published deadlines.

Please note: not all courses are offered every academic year, so taking the time to plan now, may save you time later!

All students in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies completing a degree with a concentration will be required to apply to Year 4.

There are two forms (Intent to Apply & Application to Year 4) that need to be submitted to Undergraduate Program Coordinator by April 30th.

A minimum of 13.5 or more total credits are required before students are eligible to enroll in Year 4 level courses.

Please contact Michael Fawkes at mfawkes@brocku.ca for additional information.

Recreation and Leisure Studies Calendar

Learn more about degree requirements and course information in the current Recreation and Leisure Studies Calendar.

Important Dates

Stay on schedule and be sure you don’t miss any deadlines

Brock Forms

Do you need to a Letter of Permission Applications, want to change your major or add or withdraw from a course?

Administrative Office Hours

Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

*Alternate times available by special arrangement To schedule an appointment.

Note: It is recommended that all students complete a program planner prior to booking an appointment. Please bring your completed planner with you to the appointment

Recreation and Leisure Studies

Mike Fawkes
Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor
Office: STH 329
905-688-5550 X 4098