A minor is distinct from a student’s major or combined major and offers an excellent opportunity dive deeper into a complimentary discipline. Students can consult their academic advisor to learn more about fitting a minor into their program.

Students in Recreation and Leisure Studies looking to add a minor

You can find all the minors listed in the Undergraduate Calendar. To declare a minor, you must submit a Declare a Minor form to that department directly.

The most common minors for Recreation and Leisure Studies students are:

  • Psychology
  • Geography
  • Sustainability
  • Gerontology
  • Economics
  • Labour Studies

Students from another faculty looking to add a minor in Recreation to your degree

Minor in Recreation and Leisure Studies

A minor recreation and leisure studies is a great compliment to your studies. You will take foundational courses in recreation and leisure services and leadership and have the opportunity to select RECL electives from across community, therapeutic and outdoor recreation fields.

Minor in Outdoor Recreation

A minor in Outdoor Recreation gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and understanding of how people experience and learn in the outdoors. You will have access to our field courses where you will learn and practice the skills required for extended outdoor expeditions and facilitation.