Martha Barnes, PhD

Associate Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Martha Barnes

Office: STH 340
905 688 5550 x5011

Dr. Martha Barnes’ research focuses on understanding interorganizational relationships in community recreation. Barnes explores the way in which collaborations facilitate and/or hinder service delivery at the community level. Projects, including a Sport Canada SSHRC grant, have used social network theory and analysis to study community recreation, sport, parks, and health networks. The impact of this work has led to greater understanding by community organizations on the value of collaborations and the identification of strategies aimed at strengthening relationships. Dissemination of scholarly activity occurs in a wide variety of academic and community outlets.

  • Social network analysis of community recreation and sport.
  • Neighbourhood park network development
  • Planning in community recreation

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  • Introduction to Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Introduction to Research Methods
  • Financing Community Recreation Services-
  • Planning in Community Recreation