Kyle Rich, PhD

Assistant Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Office: AS 350
905 688 5550 x4269

I am interested in how community, policy, and social inclusion/exclusion shape experiences in sport, recreation, and physical activity programs, especially in rural and remote municipalities. In my research, I use community-based and participatory methods to work with community organizers to understand and address local issues, in efforts to improve community health and wellbeing.

  • Community sport and recreation policy.
  • Rural and remote communities.
  • Social Inclusion and exclusion.
  • Community-based and participatory research methodologies.
  • Canadian Association for Leisure Studies
  • Leisure Studies Association
  • Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation
  • North American Society for Sport Management
  • North American Society for the Sociology of Sport
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

* = Student  | {OA} = Open Access

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Other Publications

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-Sociological Aspects of Leisure and Diversity

-Leisure and Health Promotion

-Current Issues in Community Recreation

-Recreation Programming

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