Garrett Hutson, PhD

Associate Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Office: STH 342
905 688 5550 x4784

My research interests centre on understanding the complexities of person-environment relationships and their impacts on a variety of outdoor recreation contexts and settings. Through much of my work, I aim to highlight the social-ecological significance of outdoor experiential programming to the study of sustainability and society. I remain fascinated by how organized outdoor educational programs and outdoor recreation communities of practice can both help build environmentally sustainable and human health-focused relationships to natural outdoor environments. I work with provincial partners such as the Ontario Alliance of Climbers, the Ontario Trails Council, and various park agencies to help address outdoor recreation conflicts with solutions-oriented dialogue. I teach undergraduate courses on leadership, risk management, and outdoor education and work with graduate students who have wide ranging interests.

  • Trail management
  • Place meanings
  • Outdoor leadership
  • Sustainability
  • Experiential education

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  • Leadership in Recreation and Leisure Services
  • Risk Management in Recreation
  • Outdoor Recreation Theory and Practices
  • Outdoor Recreation Resource Management