Colleen Deyell Hood, PhD

Professor, Recreation & Leisure Studies

Colleen Hood

Office: STH 352
905 688 5550 x5120

I have been a faculty member and practitioner in the field of therapeutic recreation for over 30 years. I have authored a number of publications and spoken across North America introducing the Leisure and Well-Being Model to field as a contemporary, strengths-based model of therapeutic recreation practice. My primary interests focus on the role of leisure and therapeutic recreation services in living well with mental illness, and in the development and implementation of strengths-based interventions. I am engaged in research that develops and examines best-practice therapeutic recreation interventions for individuals with mental health challenges. I am also a Registered Psychotherapist with a small private practice in St. Catharines

  • Therapeutic Recreation and Living Well with Illness and Disability
  • Therapeutic Recreation for Individuals with Mental Illness
  • Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Recreation
  • Strengths-Based Intervention Strategies
  • Evidence Based Practice in Therapeutic Recreation
  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • Certified Therapeutic
  • Recreation Specialist

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  • Therapeutic Recreation in Behavioral Health
  • Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation
  • Strengths-based Facilitation Techniques