Sheila O’Keefe-McCarthy RN, PhD, CNCC (C)

Associate Professor, Nursing

Dr. Sheila O’Keefe-McCarthy is a registered nurse and is an expert in adult cardiovascular critical care and conducts research in cardio/vascular and pain science.

Dr. O’Keefe-McCarthy dedicates much of her research program to cardiac health focusing on women and men’s heart health and gendered approaches to symptom management and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Utilizing qualitative and quantitative methods and development of knowledge mobilization using arts-based forms of interpretation, analysis and dissemination, Dr. O’Keefe-McCarthy’s current program of research includes: a) patient-focused clinical research in women’s and men’s cardio/vascular health, b) education of patients, healthcare providers and trainees and c) creating awareness through knowledge mobilization, to improve the prevention, treatment and understanding of the human experience of cardio/vascular disease.

  • Acute Coronary Syndrome, Anxiety, Cardiac Pain
  • Pain, Pain Assessment, Pain and Symptom Management, Self-management
    Cardiac-Prodromal Symptoms,
  • Knowledge Translation Science, Systematic Reviews,
  • Psychometric Tool Development/Evaluation,
  • Critical Care, Simulation Education Research.
  • Methodology: Quantitative and, Qualitative, Arts-informed, Sex/Gender Analysis.

Professional Affiliations

  • Faculty Affiliate- The Jack and Nora Walker Canadian Institute for Lifespan Development Research Centre, Brock University (2018-present).
  • Faculty Affiliate-Brock-Niagara Centre for Health and Wellbeing, Brock University (2016-present).
  • Adjunct Professor- Trent University- Trent-Fleming School of Nursing-Peterborough, Ontario
  • Adjunct Scientist-Ross Memorial Hospital, Lindsay, Ontario
  • Research Chair-Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses

Licensures and Certifications:

  • 1983-Licensure and Ontario Certificate of Competence (Registered Nurse)
  • 2017 :Advanced Cardiac Life Support-Certified, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
  • 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016, 2021(renewal)-Certified-National Certification in Critical Care (CNCC(C)
  • 2004- Leadership and Management Certificate, Ryerson University
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  • Nursing Theory-Introduction to Illness and Hospitalization
  • Nursing Clinical Practicum-Introduction to Illness and Hospitalization
  • Nursing Clinical Practicum-Intercession
  • Nursing Research
  • Chronicity-Clinical Practicum
  • Development of Leadership in Nursing Practice
  • Integrated Nursing Practicum I and II
  • Diversity and Nursing

Student Opportunities

Masters/ Doctoral Students Those interested in pursuing Masters/ PhD studies should forward their CV and areas of interest to Dr. O’Keefe-McCarthy in advance of the application deadline to determine if students are being accepted for the following year and whether there is a good fit between the research interests of the applicant and Dr. O’Keefe-McCarthy

Employment Opportunities: Students

Annually Dr. O’Keefe-McCarthy, dependent on project needs and funding, masters and undergraduate students are hired to work on various research projects. Volunteer opportunities are also a viable option.

Heart Health Education Resources

Early Cardiac-related warning signs, known as cardiac prodromal symptoms are experienced months, weeks or days before a heart attack. Up to 92% of women and men experience prodromal warning symptoms.

Catch Heart Disease Early

The earlier you are able to recognize serious signs and symptoms that lead to heart disease, the faster you can mitigate them and move toward better heart health. Measure your heart health and identify early warning signs of heart disease.