Connie Schumacher RN, PhD

Assistant Professor, Nursing

Connie Schumacher PhD

Office: EA 322

Extension: x4441 

Dr. Connie Schumacher is a registered nurse with expertise in emergency avoidance and transitions from hospital to home. She has 20 years of clinical experience in Cardiac Care and Emergency, and 5 years in Community nursing. Prior to joining Brock University, Dr. Schumacher completed a 3 year post-doctoral appointment with McMaster University’s Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact where she was the clinical lead for the DIVERT-CARE trial and collaborated on projects using interRAI home care and ICES data.   

  • Utilization of interRAI assessments and scales, interRAI DIVERT Scale for emergency avoidance strategies and models of care 
  • The lived experience of community populations with cardiorespiratory symptoms 
  • Caregiver education resource development 
  • Qualitative Methods 
  • Heart Failure Self-Care
  • Associate Editor Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nurses 
  • Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nursing, Provincial Director – Ontario
  • Registered Nurses Association of Ontario 
  • RNAO Nursing Research Interest Group
  • American Association of Heart Failure Nurses 
  • iCARE- interRAI Clinical Application of Research Evidence 
  • Canadian Nurses Association 

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  • Health Education 
  • Nursing Practicum: Experiencing Chronicity 
  • Nursing Theory: Experiencing Chronicity