Connie Schumacher RN, PhD

Assistant Professor, Nursing

Connie Schumacher PhD

Office: EA 322

Extension: x4441 

Dr. Connie Schumacher is a registered nurse with expertise in emergency avoidance and transitions from hospital to home. She has 20 years of clinical experience in Cardiac Care and Emergency, and 5 years in Community nursing. Prior to joining Brock University, Dr. Schumacher completed a 3 year post-doctoral appointment with McMaster University’s Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact where she was the clinical lead for the DIVERT-CARE trial and collaborated on projects using interRAI home care and ICES data.   Dr. Schumacher is an AMS Fellow in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence and an Alzheimer’s Society Canada New Investigator.

  • Utilization of interRAI assessments and scales, interRAI DIVERT Scale for emergency avoidance strategies and models of care 
  • The lived experience of community populations with cardiorespiratory symptoms 
  • Caregiver education resource development 
  • Qualitative Methods 
  • Heart Failure Self-Care
  • Associate Editor Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nurses 
  • Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nursing, Provincial Director – Ontario
  • Registered Nurses Association of Ontario 
  • RNAO Nursing Research Interest Group
  • American Association of Heart Failure Nurses 
  • iCARE- interRAI Clinical Application of Research Evidence 
  • Canadian Nurses Association 

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 Schumacher C; Hussey L; Hall V.  Heart failure self-management and normalizing symptoms: An exploration of decision making in the community. 2018. Heart and Lung47 (4), 297-303.  

  • Health Education 
  • Nursing Practicum: Experiencing Chronicity 
  • Nursing Theory: Experiencing Chronicity 

Opportunities for prospective MA/MSc students with an interest in Alzheimer’s type dementias, self-care, and community management of chronic illness.  I am looking for students who have experience/enjoy working with older adults and can demonstrate research skills. Link 

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