About MPH

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The MPH program extends Brock’s success as a leader in public health education that began in 2008 when the University established Canada’s first bachelor degree in public health.

Our online program recognizes and reflects the borderless nature of the public health field. That gives us a huge advantage in building an outstanding network of people and health organizations. Our students have vast academic and professional backgrounds and are eager to advance their knowledge and skills. Our faculty include Brock’s best researchers and teachers from a full spectrum of disciplines — pure sciences, health sciences, social sciences — that relate directly to public health. As well, courses are taught by leading professionals from around the world who are active in their field and who provide relevant knowledge and practice to courses.

Our online program provides place and time flexibility while ensuring an efficient pace of study toward graduation. Students remain in the comfort and familiarity of their communities across Canada or in other parts of the world, in many cases easing the financial and personal burden of relocating. They exercise the option of studying full-time and completing the degree in 12 months or, for those with family and work commitments, our part-time program will see them complete a degree within four years.

The MPH curriculum is based on achieving core competencies — essential skills, knowledge and attitudes — for the broad practice of public health. These core competencies have been set down through a thoughtful consultative process that involved all levels of government and public health stakeholders.

That means we can concentrate our time and energy toward excellence by integrating the core competencies within a rigorous, innovative and relevant curriculum. Our courses support student learning through unique teaching techniques and team-based interaction.

MPH course work runs throughout the duration of the program. Course subjects are aligned to strategically support students in preparing for, and in experiencing, a 420-hour practicum that meets their specific career interests and with the public health organization of their choice.

The combination of course work and practicum results in a very active learning experience. MPH graduates are ready and willing to meet challenges head on with knowledge, ideas, skills and public health experience. They are enthusiastic to seize opportunities to contribute in helping people of all ages to live longer and fuller lives, to create safer communities, to balance social inequalities that impact well-being, to be part of a force of professionals who will make a difference to the practice of public health in the 21st century.

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