About MPH

The Master of Public Health (MPH) program extends Brock’s success as a leader in public health education that began in 2008 when the University established Canada’s first bachelor’s degree in public health. The MPH is delivered in an exclusively online format, to both domestic and international students. The MPH program will provide public health graduates with the knowledge and skills to become public health practitioners of the future. 

Our online MPH program recognizes and reflects the borderless nature of the public health field. That gives us a huge advantage in building an outstanding network of people and health organizations. Our students have vast academic and professional backgrounds and are eager to advance their knowledge and skills. Our faculty include Brock’s best researchers and teachers from a full spectrum of disciplines — pure sciences, health sciences, social sciences — that relate directly to public health. As well, courses are taught by leading professionals from around the world who are active in their field and who provide relevant knowledge and practice to our courses. 

The MPH program is tailored to meet the needs of public health practitioners, healthcare providers, and recent post-graduate students, with the goal of enhancing their theoretical and applied knowledge through online courses (12-courses) and a health practicum (420-hr). The curriculum is built on the cornerstone of identifying the interdisciplinary elements required to design, implement, and effectively manage public health systems. This degree is designed to provide students with the theoretical understanding and practical knowledge to be able to create, develop, design, and evaluate public health strategies that will have a meaningful social impact at the local, national, and global level. 

 MPH (3 terms) 

Required (8 courses): 

  • MPHA 5P01 – Quality Health Systems Through Collaboration and Partnership 
  • MPHA 5P02 – Qualitative Research: Interviewing and Beyond 
  • MPHA 5P03 – Epidemiology 
  • MPHA 5P04 – Foundations of Public Health 
  • MPHA 5P05 – Biostatistics in Public Health 
  • MPHA 5P06 – Policy and Practice: Critical Evaluation and Synthesis in Program Planning  
  • MPHA 5P11 – Public Health Practicum I  
  • MPHA 5P21 – Public Health Practicum II 

Elective (select 4 courses): 

  • MPHA 5P07 – Microbiology in Infection Prevention and Control 
  • MPHA 5P08 – Public Health Emergency Preparedness 
  • MPHA 5P09 – Measuring Health Equity
  • MPHA 5P10 – Social Marketing and Health Communication 
  • MPHA 5P12 – Environmental and Occupational Health 
  • MPHA 5P13 – Economics for Public Health 
  • MPHA 5P14 – Leading Change in Public Health 
  • MPHA 5P15 – eHealth Innovations and Trends 
  • MPHA 5P16 – Indigenous Health 
  • MPHA 5P17 – Artificial Intelligence: Theory and Managerial Application 
  • MPHA 5P18 – Foundations of Program Evaluation in Public Health 
  • MPHA 5P19 – Health Data Governance 
  • MPHA 5P27 – Foundations in Infection Control 
  • MPHA 5P29 – Health Information Systems and Technology 
  • MPHA 5P37 – Healthcare Quality, Safety and Risk 
  • MPHA 5P39 – Health Information Management and Analytics in Practice 
  • MPHA 5P99 – Public Health Independent Project