About MBA & MPH

The Concurrent Master of Business Administration/Master of Public Health will not be accepting new students for the 2023-2024 cycle.  Intake has been paused for the upcoming cycle as it undergoes a redesign.

Please consider the Master of Public Health (applications due Feb 1, 2023) or an alternate graduate program offered at Brock University. 

Updated information regarding the MBA-MPH redesign will be provided in the new year. 

The Department of Health Sciences and the Goodman School of Business offer a concurrent degrees program leading to both Master of Public Health (MPH) and Master of Business Administration (MBA). This concurrent MBA & MPH degrees program is designed for private and public health professionals, health practitioners and recent post-graduate students who intend to pursue a professional career in public health management and administration. 

The goal of the concurrent MBA & MPH degrees program is to advance theoretical and applied knowledge through course work and a health experiential practicum. The MBA program is designed to provide individuals the opportunity to obtain an advanced professional business education. This program offers students a progressive management education, including advanced knowledge relating to professional business designations. The objective is operationalized in the program by emphasizing the development and integration of the broad-based, functional business knowledge needed to advance an individual’s management career. 

At the same time, the MPH program complements the core competencies outlined by the Public Health Agency of Canada, leading to a professional degree in public health. Together, the concurrent MBA & MPH degrees program addresses the growing need to anticipate, manage and mitigate health crises. The curriculum focuses on identifying the interdisciplinary elements required to design, implement and effectively manage health systems, while incorporating evidence-based decision-making practices in healthcare. Graduates of the MBA & MPH program will be prepared to compete for positions in a variety of private and public business and health organizations as well as leadership roles in the health sector. 


Applications for Sept 2023 Closed

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