Master of Professional Kinesiology

An exciting opportunity in Kinesiology to gain advanced knowledge and skills through innovative course work and professional practice.

The Master of Professional Kinesiology (MPK) program is designed to train students to be leading practitioners in the healthcare system for current and future practitioners of Kinesiology. Students will acquire an advanced understanding of the latest evidence-based practices to improve function, health and wellness in diverse populations.

The MPK degree is the first master’s program of its kind in Ontario.

It is a full-time, 12-month (three-term) course-based program in the professional practice of Kinesiology.

The program encompasses innovative lecture and lab-based courses, professional development opportunities and 450 hours of experiential education in Kinesiology working with diverse populations across the lifespan.

The practicums allow students to learn under a variety of registered health professionals as they work with unique and varying populations, gaining applicable knowledge and practical skills transferrable to future careers.

The required course work provides students with advanced knowledge and expertise in human movement, assessment, intervention, knowledge synthesis, translation and application, and interprofessional collaboration.

The MPK program allows students to develop their professionalism, communication and problem-solving skills. The MPK courses are led by top scholars and experienced practitioners.

The MPK degree includes:

  • Five required half-credit courses:
    • Professional Practice in Kinesiology, Functional and Ergonomic Assessment, Physiological Assessment of Human Performance, Advanced Clinical Anatomy,  Entrepreneurship (Goodman School of Business)
  • Three required half-credit practicum courses
    • 150 hours of experience for each practicum in diverse populations and settings
  • Two half-credit electives
    • Kinesiology, Gerontology, or Faculty of Applied Health Sciences courses

The Department of Kinesiology offers access to state-of-the-art assessment laboratories, cadaver laboratories, and the most technologically advanced visualization system for anatomy education, the Anatomage Table. Brock University is the first comprehensive university in Canada to have an Anatomage table for anatomy classes at the undergraduate and Graduate level.

  • Registered Kinesiologist
  • Movement specialist
  • Ergonomics, including workplace assessment and skills analysis
  • Fitness and health promotion
  • Rehabilitation settings, including stroke, cardiac, and cancer
  • Coaching and high-performance training
  • Corporate wellness
  • Four-year Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology (or equivalent)
    • Completed course work in human biomechanics, human psychomotor learning, assessment and exercise prescription, ergonomics, and exercise physiology
  • Minimum 78% (B+) over the last two years of study
  • Two letters of recommendation (at least one must be an academic referee)

APPLICATIONS DUE: February 15th; Please note that applications are accepted until the program is full.

Please contact for more details.

Entry: September entry only

Funding: This is not a funded program; students are eligible to apply for scholarships

Congratulations and welcome to the Master of Professional Kinesiology Program!  

Admission letter
Admission letters are issued by the Faculty of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Master of Professional Kinesiology Program. Admission letters are uploaded to your account, ‘Application Status’ section.  

Accepting your offer of admission
After receiving your admission letter, you will have 3 weeks to reply to our offer of admission. Please accept or decline our offer through your account. 

Final Documents 

Students accepting their offer of admission will need to provide official documents to finalize their admission. The documents that need to be submitted are listed as “Owing to Finalize Admission” on your account in the ‘Document Status’ section. Official final documents can be mailed to: 

Faculty of Graduate Studies
Brock University
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
St. Catharines, ON, L2S 3A1

Do I need to find a supervisor?

The MPK is a course based graduate program. Students are not required to find a supervisor, as there is no research component to the program.

Is the program funded?

The MPK program is not funded. Students are eligible to apply for scholarships.

Can I complete the program part-time?

The MPK program is only offered full-time.

I do not have an 78% average in my last two years of study, should I still apply?

The entrance averages each year are solely dependent on the current applicant pool. You can still apply with an average less than 78%, but no less than 75% (B-).

What are the program requirements to apply?

Successful completion of four-year bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Human Kinetics, Physical Education or equivalent. Students must have completed assessment and exercise prescription, ergonomics, and exercise physiology.

What is the cost of tuition for the MPK program?

For current tuition information please visit Student Accounts and Financial Aid – Graduate Tuition.

How do I apply?

The application process is entirely online through Brock University Next Step.

For program specific application information, visit the MPK Graduate Program listing.

I mail or fax my application?

Application materials must all be submitted online. Mailed and/or faxed documents will not be accepted.

What is the deadline to apply?

February 15th however applications will be accepted and processed in the order they are received until the program is full.

How many practicums are there? How long is each practicum?

There are three (3) practicum courses which incorporate a diverse variety of populations. Each practicum is 150 hours in length.

Where can I complete my practicums?

Current practicum sites include: physiotherapy clinics, athletic therapy clinics, recreation programs, adapted physical education and movement programs, health promotion, and high-performance training.

How do I find a practicum position?

Practicum positions are posted on an internal site for MPK students. Students are required to apply to the specific practicum site/community partner and will participate in an interview. Successful applicants are chosen by the community partner.

Student Messages

Gabriella Visca, MPK Graduate, Class of 2020

Josh Melo, MPK Graduate, Class of 2020

Veronica Ilijevski, MPK Graduate, Class of 2020

Message from the Graduate Program Director

We are extremely excited to be offering the Master of Professional Kinesiology (MPK) program at Brock University. This unique program is designed to prepare students for careers in physical activity-related fields. What makes our program so special is the emphasis on helping students develop the skills and confidence to transition to the workplace after graduation.

Our small classes allow for hands-on, practical skill development in areas such as athletic training, ergonomics and exercise physiology. We also recognize the importance of knowledge beyond the competencies developed in undergraduate kinesiology programs. Through classes on professional development and entrepreneurship students are prepared to enter the workplace immediately.

For our students, the three placements they complete as part of their program are critical for success. These placements, at both Brock and community settings, give students over 450 hours of real-life training and work experience with a variety of populations and settings. These practicums allow students to understand kinesiology as a diverse field, gain transferable skills, network with professionals, and build confidence to be successful in their careers.

One exciting new development is our Programs Plus. For the first time in Canada, students will be able to apply to both their Bachelor of Kinesiology and Master of Professional Kinesiology program concurrently.

Our goal is to prepare our students for their future. We look forward to the continued success of all our students.

Dr. Kimberley L. Gammage

Dr. Kimberly Gammage is the Program Director for the Master of Professional Kinesiology program.
Continue your education with the Master of Professional Kinesiology program at Brock University.
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Take courses in the professional practice of kinesiology and entrepreneurship to prepare you for the workplace.
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