Thursday Consults

We are excited to announce that the Supporting Neurodiversity through Adaptive Programming (S.N.A.P.) is adapting the way it delivers service to the community during these unprecedented times. We will continue to provide individualized movement programming for youth experiencing disability that allows them opportunities to practice motor patterns which have transfer to daily living tasks. Activities will be modified to meet the needs and capabilities of each student. Our team is committed to providing developmentally appropriate physical activity, and places emphasis on the need and importance of physical activity in relation to the overall development of an individual.  

The students’ profiles must be filled out by the school or guardian and sent back via email to the S.N.A.P. email address prior to the consultation date. Schools/guardians who do not return the student profiles will not be able to participate. This is so the SNAP coordinators have proper knowledge of the students in order to prepare activity programs that are safe and enjoyable.

Our overarching movement strategies of embedding fundamental movement patterns, task breakdown and distributed practice can be done from anywhere and we are excited to support you as we take SNAP into a next level of community engagement.

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Elyse Lappano
Experiential Learning Coordinator, Inclusive & Adaptive Physical Activity

Demi Toms
Inclusive & Adaptive Physical Activity Specialist