Nancy R. Francis, EdD

(Retired) Professor Emeritus, Kinesiology

I am passionate about the potentially powerful role of movement- in whatever form it takes- in making our lives more meaningful. My roots are in children’s school physical education and dance education, both as movement forms with the potential to emancipate and empower participants. The cultural contexts of our movement experiences as situated in social settings intrigue me. Thus, my research has taken me into the historical (curriculum), Indigenous cultures, schools (meaningful movement via Kretchmar) and after- school settings, among others.

  • Pedagogical and curricular models in physical education
  • Physical literacy
  • Dance education
  • Dance and the Child International;
  • Physical and Health Education Canada (Dance education, Research Council)
  • American Educational Research Association
  • International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education

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  •  Socio-cultural foundations of movement studies
  • Pedagogy in school physical education
  • Curriculum development in school physical education
  • Dance education
  • Physical activity programs throughout the life-span