Experiential education

The Department of Health Sciences offers a variety of experiential education opportunities that allow our students to gain practical experience.

Not only do these opportunities help to consolidate theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom, they are a fantastic and fun way to gain specific skills transferable to your professional life.

Types of Opportunities available

The Department of Health Sciences is unique in that most of our courses have an Experiential Learning component attached to it. If students are seeking a course with a set practicum, they are encouraged to review the course calendar, attend TheEdge, and speak to their Experiential Education Coordinator to determine eligibility and work through the protocol together.


Bridging academic and community health innovations, the Brock‐Niagara Centre for Health and Well‐Being is dedicated to enhancing quality of life among individuals with chronic disease by focusing on disease management and the related social and health complications.

Health Sciences students are a critical to the success of our Heart Strong program which caters to individuals with known cardiovascular disease, including those who have experienced a heart attack, angina, angioplasty, and/or coronary bypass graft surgery.

Students will be trained to teach and supervise correct use of equipment, perform exercises, ensure safety, modify programs, and answer any questions.

The BFIT provides the opportunity for students interested in pursuing careers in rehabilitation, medicine, physiotherapy and other healthcare related professions with the chance to develop professional skills in dealing with specific populations in real-life situations.

Are you interested in working in a team environment to improve the health of the population in the Niagara region?

I-EQUIP projects function as an extension of the classroom, providing an opportunity for students, leaders and front-line staff to work together on a variety of quality improvement projects in an effort to improve health services for the people of Niagara.

Projects take place in public health, hospitals, rehabilitation, long term care, community support services and community health centres. Students work in a collaborative team project to understand the safety, effectiveness and efficient of specific programs and services. The teams then develop evidence based changes that are tested and implemented. Examples of projects include infection control, patient satisfaction, care transitions, and cancer screening.

For more information on the projects and how to get involved contact: Madelyn Law, Director of I-EQUIP: iequip@brocku.ca

Med Plus is a four-year non-credit program which runs concurrently with students’ academic study.

Students will learn about and build experience in the health field through this unique co-curricular program that includes job shadowing, networking opportunities with healthcare professionals, skill development workshops and community service projects.

Experiential Learning Resources

To participate in Experiential Education courses you will need to complete a number of mandatory forms and depending on the nature of your placement, additional screening, documentation and testing may be required.

These third year and fourth year courses are an opportunity to work with a faculty member or a mentor at an external agency to develop the skills and competencies to help you achieve your academic and future career goals.

You will need to complete an application form and submit it by the required deadline to be considered.

There are a multitude of courses that include opportunities to work independently with a faculty member at the third and fourth year levels.  Some of these courses also include engaging with an external agency to develop the skills and competencies to assist you in achieving your academic and future career goals.   Please check your eligibility with our Experiential Education Coordinator before proceeding.

All required forms are located on your Shared Sakai site “HLSC Info Site.” https://lms.brocku.ca/


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