Martin Dragan, DHS

Lab supervisor, anatomy

Martin Dragan

Office: CRN 417A

Ext: 4521

received my doctorate in human sexuality (2008) and trained as a clinical sexologist, where I worked with individuals and couples to help them process issues related to sexual expression and intimacy. In 2015, I had the opportunity to return to Brock as an instructor in the Health Sciences and Psychology departments, ultimately leading to my current role as a Senior Laboratory Demonstrator thanks to some of my clinical training and passion for anatomyMany of my research interests include functional anatomy and sexual expression/behaviour/attitudes. 

  • Human sexual functioning and behaviour
  • Impact of physical impairment on sexual attitudes and behaviours
  • Studying pedagogy of peer-led education and learning in anatomy
  • Board Certified Clinical Sexologist
  • American College of Sexologists (ACS) International
  • Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (OAMHP)

Seliman, M., Dragan, M., Connolly, M., & Ditor, D.S. (in review). The impact of mindfulness therapy on sexual satisfaction in couples living with neurological disabilities: A phenomenological analysis of a single case. Sexuality and Disability. 

Mezil, Y., Wood, I., Lekaj, K., Dragan, M., MacPherson, R., & Beaudette, S. (in progress). The Impact of an Undergraduate Anatomy Peer-Led Teaching Program on the Perceptions and Appraisal of the Anatomy Discipline. 

  • Human Systems Anatomy
  • Introduction to Health Sciences
  • Introduction to Human Sexuality