Kelly A Pilato, PhD

Assistant Professor

Kelly Pilato

Office STH 326

Phone 905 688 5550 ext. 5169

My research is focused on evidence-based policy development and implementation as a framework for enhancing health at a population level. I believe that effective policy is made when it is co-constructed with its users being included in the decision-making of its creation and implementation. I am especially interested in the intersection of evidence-based policy implementation with real-world impacts that support health and wellness across the lifespan, within the context of people’s lives and social determinants of health. Primarily a qualitative researcher, I have experience in both qualitative and mixed methods research methods, scoping, systematic, and rapid reviews.

Much of my research has been focused on supporting student success and pedagogy in higher education. Central to this research, I am particularly interested in evaluating the implementation of system-wide, mental health policies and initiatives aimed at improving student health and wellness.

As a teacher, I bring concern for student success. I enjoy teaching and I care about students learning and success. I believe in reciprocity, learner-centered pedagogy that is experiential and engaged, uses active learning strategies, and is reflective.

  • Population health research
  • Social determinants
  • Policy Implementation for enhanced health
  • Qualitative methodology
  • Student mental health and well-being
  • Quality improvement in public health systems
  • Teaching culture and leadership in higher education
  • Canadian Mental Health Association Niagara Branch Board Director / Chair of Service Outcomes / Quality Committee

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Pilato, K. A., Law, M. P., Narushima, M., Moore, S. A., & Hay, J. A. (2021). The creation of a mental health policy in higher education. Educational Policy, 36(7), 1821- 1849.

  • Introduction to Health Sciences
  • Global Health
  • Mental Health and Addictions