Deborah O’Leary, PhD

Acting Associate Vice-President, Research, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences and Professor, Health Sciences

Deborah O'Leary

Office: ST1361A
905 688 5550 x5024

My research focuses primarily on cardiovascular health throughout the lifespan. My interests include the effects of childhood growth and development and adult aging on the cardiovascular system. My research also focuses on the detrimental impact of cardiovascular risk factors throughout the lifespan and the beneficial role of lifestyle factors at any age on cardiovascular health. I am also the director of the Brock Functional Inclusive Training (Bfit) Centre.  This facility serves as both a research and community-based exercise centre for individuals in Niagara. The Centre currently has exercise programs for healthy seniors (SeniorFit), individuals with cardiovascular disease (Heart Strong), spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and amputees (Power Cord). For further information, please visit our website:

  • The role of childhood growth and development on indices of cardiovascular health
  • The effects of childhood obesity and hypertension on blood pressure regulation, arterial health and left ventricular hypertrophy
  • The link between adverse childhood experiences and cardiovascular health
  • The beneficial effect of isometric handgrip training on cardiovascular and cognitive health in those suffering from hypertension
  • Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology Member
  • American Physiological Society Member
  • Canadian Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Member
  • Wellspring Niagara Board of Trustees
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  • Cardiac Pathophysiology (Fall Term)
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Practicum (Fall, Winter and Summer Terms)