Dan Malleck, PhD

Professor, Health Sciences

Dan Malleck

Office: STH 307
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Dan Malleck is an internationally recognized expert in drug and alcohol regulation and prohibition. Has spoken to audiences in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia about the challenges of regulating substances that are considered socially problematic, including cannabis, liquor, opiates, and cocaine.

He is a professor in the Department of Health Sciences and the director of Brock’s Centre for Canadian Studies in the Faculty of Humanities. A medical historian specializing in drug and alcohol regulation and policy, he has published books and articles on that topic including Try to Control Yourself: The regulation of public drinking in post-prohibition Ontario (UBC Press 2012) which won the Canadian Historical Association’s 2013 Clio Prize for Ontario history; When Good Drugs go Bad: Opium, medicine, and the origins of Canada’s drug laws (UBC Press, 2015); and Liquor and the Liberal State: Drink and order before prohibition (UBC Press, 2022). He is the co-editor, with Cheryl Warsh, of Consuming Modernity: Gendered behaviour and consumerism before the baby boom (UBC Press, 2013) and Pleasure and Panic: New Essays on the history of alcohol and drugs (UBC Press 2022) and editor of the four-volume primary source collection Drugs, Alcohol, and Addiction in the Long Nineteenth Century (Routledge, 2020). He was the  editor of the Social History of Alcohol and Drugs for over a decade and has served academia in various roles locally, nationally, and internationally.

He contributes to the current discussions on cannabis legalization, the opioid crisis, and liquor laws, using historically-grounded analysis to provide insight into current issues and in this capacity has appeared on CBC radio and television, as well as regional media across Canada and in the United Kingdom. He is currently researching the professionalization of pharmacy in Canada. As a cultural historian he is interested in hearing from students who would like to understand cultures of substance use (not merely abuse), rather than reducing consumption to neurochemistry, pharmacology, or biology.

-drug and alcohol policy and history
-the history of pharmacy
-medical history

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  • Introduction to the History of Medicine
  • Issues in Canadian Health Policy
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