Asif Khowaja, PhD.

Assistant Professor

Asif Kowaja

STH 304

Extension: x3868

My work focuses on the application of health economics modelling and mixed-methods research to inform policy decisions about resource allocation in healthcare. Specific areas I have researched include the economic impact of quality improvement initiatives in acute care facilities and long-term care homes, the cost-effectiveness of community-based interventions for maternal and newborn health, cost-efficacy of newborn screeningvaccine effectiveness, and patient-oriented research for measuring societal costs. I completed a Postdoc and a PhD at the University of British Columbia in Health Economics and Reproductive Health.  

  • Health technology assessment and cost-effectiveness modelling  
  • Health system’s response to pandemics and societal impacts 
  • Quality improvement in health care  
  • Maternal and newborn health  
  • Canadian Health Economics Association  
  • Health Technology Assessment International  

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  • Economic Evaluation in Public Health  
  • Health Economics  
  • Public Health and Society  
  • Health Administration  
  • 2020 Brock University Research Initiative Award  
  • 2018 CIHR Health System Impact Postdoctoral Fellowship 
  • 2017 Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute Rising Star Award 
  • 201Warren George Povey Award in Global Health, University of British Columbia