Centre for Sport Capacity

The Centre for Sport Capacity is a hub for sport management research, student experiential learning, and practical support to sport organizations in Niagara Region and across Canada.

As a collaborative of faculty, students, colleagues from other institutions, and experts from the sport community, the Centre works to both understand and expand the capacity of sport organizations. Knowledge mobilization is a key role of the Centre: putting research-based evidence to work, and finding practical solutions to the challenges facing sport leaders.

For more information about the Centre, contact Director Julie Stevens, jstevens@brocku.ca or Post-Doctoral Research Associate Paul Jurbala, pjurbala2@brocku.ca

Director – Julie Stevens, PhD – Sport Management
Major Sport Events and Volunteers; Canadian Hockey and Sport Industry – Amateur, Professional and International; Change Management; Sport Policy; Hockey – Women’s and Men’s History, Development, Ethics, Controversy; Athlete Development from Grassroots to National Teams

Martha Barnes, PhD – Recreation and Leisure Studies
Delivery of Recreation and Sport in Communities; Inter-organizational Relationships; Philanthropic Behaviour (Volunteerism, Donor Behaviour)

Chris Charlebois – Sport Management
Sport event hosting, organization and management. Economic impact of sport events.

Laura Cousens, PhD – Sport Management
Organizational and field-level change, inter-organizational relationships, relationship marketing, neo-institutional theory, networks of community sport providers, sport for development.

Hilary Findlay, PhD – Sport Management
Legal issues in sport; Regulation of sport; Athlete agreements; Doping; Dispute and Dispute Resolution; Discrimination; Violence in Sport; Discrimination/human rights; International Regulation of Sport

Nicholas Burton, PhD – Sport Management
Sponsorship; Ambush marketing; Athlete endorsements and brands; Sport marketing; Business of European football (soccer); International sport business

Paul Jurbala, PhD – Sport Management
Organizational change and change management; National, Provincial and Community Sport Organizations.

Shannon Kerwin, PhD – Sport Management
Organizational Behaviour in Sport (e.g., Conflict, Values); Volunteer Management; Leadership; Sport Experiences

Kyle Rich, PhD – Recreation and Leisure Studies
Community sport and recreation; Rural community development; Community development through sport and recreation; Social inclusion in/through sport and recreation

Kirsty Spence, PhD – Sport Management
Leadership; Leadership Development; Executive Coaching (in Sport Management)