Foundations of Collaboration and Teamwork

It’s back! Spring 2021 will be offering its only interprofessional course again. Open to all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

If you are in 3rd or 4th year, you have the unique opportunity to take 4Q90 to advance your knowledge and “soft-skills” – which are highly sought after by today’s employers.

What is a course on Collaboration & Teamwork all about?

  • Learn how to work effectively with others, and effectively lead a group
  • Engage with community partners as you complete a collaborative activity of your choice
  • Great inter-professional and experiential experience

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

  1. identify the key competencies of collaboration and understand the sheer importance of being able to effectively collaborate and work with others;
  2. identify facilitators and barriers to effective collaboration, and how to promote effective collaborative behaviours within a team;
  3. articulate their role in a variety of group settings, which includes the comprehensive self-assessments completed via the GoPro Group Process Paper and the Collaborative Activity Reflection);
  4. articulate and clearly communicate their individual knowledge and skill set to their team members, as well as learn from and about their peers’ unique knowledge and professional skill sets;
  5. develop skills in effective communication, team functioning, conflict management and collaborative leadership in a variety of interprofessional small group activities and challenges, both in-class, as well as within the community (via the Collaborative Community Activity);
  6. engage with students from other applied health science programs on a regular basis, for the purpose of developing skills required to be an effective member of a team, how to lead an effective team, and how to engage with other teams (intersectoral collaboration).

Offered as  HLSC 4Q90, KINE 4Q90, NUSC 4Q90, RECL 4Q90 and SPMA 4Q90

Topics include collaborative leadership, team functioning, communication, role clarity, conflict management and client-centered approaches as it applies to a diversity of inter professional settings.

Open to BMED, CHLH, CMTY, MSCI, PHTH, BKin, BPhEd, BPhEd (Honours)/BEd (Intermediate/Senior), BPhEd (Honours)/BEd (Junior/Intermediate), BSc (Kin), NUBR, NURS, RECL and SPMA majors with a minimum of 9.0 overall credits.

CLASS MAX is 30!

Space is limited & overrides will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

Talk to your academic advisor for a course override.

Dr. Jenn Salfi, Nursing

For more information, please contact Dr. Jenn Salfi

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